I'm going to go way out on a limb here and admit that I am not as bright as some. I read SEOFastStart as was recommended. It did not find it so easy to read. I am on my second time through. There are terms that many folks are very comfortable with since they have been in this computer speak world for a while. For a newbie like me onpage, offpage, hyperlinks, internallinks, and all that start to get all run together and then I have to walk away and see if I can speak a complete sentence anymore.

I read through SEOFS and worked on my site and thought I had done all the stuff and then Lynn looked at my site and said I should read SEOFS and impliment it. Obviously I hadn't done such a great job!

My point is not for any of you to dumb down, but just to be patient with some of us who don't know a web-crawler from a night-crawler.