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Thread: I must be dead

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    Default I must be dead

    My blog that is. Whatever I'm doing it must be wrong. I've had my blogs going for awhile now, submitted them, posted articles etc. but no matter, I am literally nowhere in Google or Yahoo.
    Something must be wrong. Either that or the areas I've chosen are really super competitive. Either way I should be 'somewhere' in there. Even as far back as pg.15!
    Can someone please throw me a tidbit of advice?
    I'm currently in the middle of Dan Thies's book Fast Start and have learned a great deal so far, but the light still hasn't come on.

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    can you give us a link to your blog?

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    Welcome Tek

    Give us a link - we'll take a look!
    Lynn Terry
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    Would love to help if you could share your link!

    Welcome to SSWT.

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    Default Thanks

    Sorry I left that piece of the puzzle out. Lame of me.
    I have two blogs I've been working on - one on WPD and one on blogger. both have issues.

    Weight Loss 4 Vegans

    Vintage Cookbook Collectors Blog

    Thank you all for your kind support. People like you inspire me to keep plugging away in this confusing world of IM


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    I stopped by to give you my condolences but glad to hear that you are still alive LOL.


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    Hi Phil,
    I'm very excited to read your weight loss 4 vegans blog.

    So you have done keyword research correct? And it looks like you're using some keyword phrases possibly but I wonder if the traffic4pros in your link is not helping you in the search engine's. It's really best to have your own domain and hosting so it would look like weightloss4vegans . com instead of the current domain.

    I'm just talking out loud here but I think that could possibly be an issue. Hope someone can help with input on that. It looks like you're doing good with content. I'll be happy to help you with keyword research if you need the help. I'm very intrigued by some aspects of the vegetarian/vegan lifestyle.

    Chat soon!

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    When I was reviewing things, I was thinking the same thing. When I first started out I used the free sites like and used the sub domains but I kind of had the same problem.

    If you still are tight for cash and can't really afford monthly hosting, the next step I took was to join services like, you need to purchase your domain name($7-$15), you can even get a .info like a couple of my sites are if your site is information oriented which it seems to be(check mine in my sig and you will see, mine is a book club-selling books and tutorials so it relates to a .info) .info you can get for only $1.99 at a lot of sites such as

    But once you have your own domain name, sign up for the free hosting at and don't forget to change the nameservers. But it does make a difference I think.

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    Thanks Angie1
    Your story blew me away, that's so awesome what you have accomplished. You really changed your life and it shows. Congrats!
    As for my site, thanks for the input. I have done some keyword research and have been using Market Samurai (paid version) for this, although I'm still getting the hang of it.
    I started the blog as part of the 30DC last year and was all that was available for a free account. It was a trial and I haven't gotten around to making the jump to my own host. I've looked into Hostgator as an option but am open to suggestions. At this stage I'm willing to invest a little if it will help in the long run.
    This forum itself is also going to help. It's people like you and Lynn who inspire me to keep plugging away at this.
    Thanks again,


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    Quote Originally Posted by kdbbiz View Post
    .info you can get for only $1.99 at a lot of sites such as
    Was that some kind of limited time special or similar kdbbiz? The prices there now indicate that the price for an .info domain is now a whopping $12.95.


    PS. My apologies for calling you kdbbiz...I can't recall if you told me your name before

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