Hi everyone, I'm Kay and I'm very new to affiliate marketing. I've been searching ways to make money online for some time now, first I thought about selling Kindle Books on Amazon to make money. The process was not hard. But I was not sure about the results. Anyone tried publishing Kindle Books?

Then one day I saw an YouTube video about making money online. It was a video from the Six Figure Mentors. I watched other YouTube videos reviewing Six Figure Mentors and all said that it was good. But not until after I joined them, then I know that those videos are made by their members trying to sell them to people. Later I found some negative reviews about them by people who are not members and those reviews made me think twice about continue with them. The main thing I didn't like about it was that, you are basically tied to just selling their product. You don't have a choice to pick any product that you are interested in to promote. And it was very expensive as well. Good thing is I canceled within 30 days and they said would refund my money back.

I really wanted to find ways to make money online. And after some research it seemed like that affiliate marketing is the most popular and practical way. But when you google about it, there are just sooooo many people and companies promoting courses on affiliate marketing, and they all make it sound so easy and fascinating. But when I google their reviews, not that many was all that good. I really don't know who I can believe in and trust!

I hope I can get to know more people here who are also doing online affiliate marketing. What's been your experience with it?