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    Hey guys, I have a question.
    Do you know any good websites, companies which are helping you to collect more followers?

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    Facebook Advertising is the best in terms of extreme targeting capability.


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    Help you collect followers? What do you mean by that?
    If you're buying followers, I would NOT recommend that because 99.99% of those are FAKE.

    There's a lot of way to get likes, followers or traffic.
    You can start promoting throught social websites such as in facebook, twitter, linked in, instagram etc.

    Make sure you have a solid content to attract your target consumers. Creating a blog about it and do forum posting with your link of your blog as your sig may also help.

    Also you can try paid traffic to target your audience to your desired geolocations.

    You can start out $500 since most ad networks require you that amount. but ive Tried checking out they allowed me to start with just $150. Try checking them out if you wanna promote app. thru them you can:
    You can do banner type or pop type with landing pages that take them straight to download.
    Just avoid flashy or flickering type of ad. Stick to the banners ones but sparingly.
    Also du In-app ads. Run a test for it a couple of days and optimize it.
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    Are you talking about Facebook followers? Never buy "likes/followers": all that will do is get you some dead weight and skew your insights I'm talking from experience here unfortunaltey).

    Slow and steady is always best.

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    Never use Fake Facebook followers because after it you'd have followers but no like on your post which is more disappointing. So avoid idea of buying Facebook likes.

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