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Thread: I'm a Poor, Unknowing Newb In Need of Help Marketing Himself.

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    Default I'm a Poor, Unknowing Newb In Need of Help Marketing Himself.

    Okay. I'm 37, have minimal savings, and no job; I'm trying just to figure out how to earn a living vlog/blogging, but I know little. Otherwise, I have no real fallback, despite a college degree.

    What I am, at least, willing to do, is dedicate time--from 500, at at minimum, up front, to perhaps over 2,000 hours over the next year. They say that you need to clock in at least 10,000 hours of anything to be truly great at something, but for this, I'll happily take proficiency as a v/blogger, i.e., I can sustain myself off it. It took me circa 3,500-4,000 hours to get proficient at karate, but I hope for blogging it'll be less--moving my hip was torture for me, and if I'd just mastered that like others, 3,500 hours would've taken me further than it did.

    If not, oh well; I'm keeping count of progress.

    I want to blog, because I've got something to say, but have had a hard time, saying it, and making money off my passion is going to give me a freedom, and independence, I've never known. I've come here, looking, above all, for some personal interaction, and emotional support for the journey--something I hear this forum specializes in--and hope that doesn't just come with the elite membership, because I'm blame poor.

    Let's see, here's what I understand, over seventy hours in to my journey: New bloggers expect to much about SEO, and network with other bloggers, far too little. My main guide has been one blog,; I really like it, but at the same time, know no source, here, is gospel--even if it seems pretty close.

    Tried a couple blogs, last year, but they failed; am being more systematic, now. I know that I'm to start, initially, in two ways. One, I guest blog, for pay or no, and use that to direct traffic to my blog. Two, I befriend the top influencers within my given blog niche, have them help direct traffic to my blog.

    Okay; I can show you what I did with one of my old blogs, here:
    Well, I consider myself pleased with the content, but displeased to the least, that nobody saw it. according to Boost Blog Traffic, I skimped on content, as the best article length is 2,000-3,000 words, but the was not intentional; I love long articles myself, so making long articles suit my interest.

    I'm now working on a vlog, i.e., a YouTube channel, which you can see, here:

    This is what I really need help, with. Specifically, even if I'm saying so, my content is pretty blame good, but what is my niche? Blogs have failed before despite having quality, well marketed content, and that was because there wasn't enough niche for them, this article discusses:

    I'm trying to figure out my focus, basically, and am looking for help, doing so. I have many interests, but channeling them into v/blog genres is what I need, even as I'm still learning video editing.

    It's hard for me to get a reference on what I'm aiming for without an audience, and sans that, I'll just be throwing stuff at the wall, some good, some not so good, until I learn what sticks.


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    And a full day later...nothing. Look, I really wish there was reply, because i was hoping for some community here, yes indeed.

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    It gets lonely logging eight hours of a day at something, no return, yet.

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    Hey there, welcome, sorry for the lack of response. It's the holiday's and New Year so it's quiet here.

    This public forum area is actually going away as we migrate to a new system and the entire forum goes private.

    If you'd like to join us, Lynn currently has a great deal on lifetime access

    Here's more information:

    As for long articles, I can't read them lol and I don't believe they have to be that long to have a successful blog, not at all. Happy to help brainstorm ideas. What are some of your top interests that you would be happy living your life around day in day out?

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    Ugh--what I really was hoping for, was community. How soon is this forum, uh, leaving? I'm clamoring for fellowship.
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    The private forum which is staying around is a great community where we work hands on with Lynn to grow our sites and businesses. Be sure to check it out, lots of fellowship going on AND she has two brainstorming hours online each week, one on Monday night and the other is Thurs. morning/afternoon. Hope to see you on the inside

    If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask.

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    Not on my budget, I'm afraid; what is the price? It would have to be pretty blame supportive for me to consider it worthwhile.

    At any rate, I intend to try out this forum, whilst it's still here:

    i read this article:
    How to Turn Quora into a Traffic-Driving Machine for Your Blog

    I think I almost understand this, and am working, to implement. Am looking up Upwork, now.

    Okay, have an Upwork account, operational, now.
    Any article on how to use upwork, by the way?

    Right now, I'm focusing on working on my Quora profile, not my Upwork, for one, here:

    Doesn't help that I haven't had much jobs, since college, and was wondering how to coach that.
    At any rate, I'm working on it, and am ready to revise it, some more.

    I have, currently, a defunct blog, on wordpress here:
    I know, I'm going to need to create my own monetizable one, but I understand a quality server is good, because if you have to maintain it on your own, it is nasty if/and/or/when it crashes.

    I had monetizable one in 2014, so you know, but I didn't commit to it, then; I am, now.
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    Lynn's paid forum is where the community is and it is the most worthwhile money you will ever spend. Lots of support, guidance, and people changing their lives.

    If you want help that's where you'll find it.

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    I shared the link above on the deals she is currently offering for the private forum these offer go away this Wednesday.

    A site is not able to be monetized, they don't permit it. It's best to be on your own self hosting so that you own the property not someone else.

    I have never used Quora or Upwork so I can't give you input there. Sorry.

    Best thing to do is get on a self hosted platform and start building your blog and your social channels (Twitter, Facebook to start).

    If there is one other thing that I would invest in it's Lynn's group. If you work hard and dig in, you'll make your investment in the group back in no time. And you can always cancel if it's not for you should you take the monthly option.


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