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Thread: SEO-Implementation Help

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    Default SEO-Implementation Help

    Hello to all SEO Experts,

    Please let me know what are things we should care while SEO Implementation for any website?

    Your inputs would be highly appreciated.

    Thank you so much for your time.

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    Keywords in: metatags, alts, headers Hx, URL adresses. Make site nice for Google robots, choose good domain and check history of that domain (spam etc.)

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    My 2 cents:

    Create a sitemap. Submit it in Google Webmaster Tools, Optimize your site for Optimal Page Load Speed using the Google Page Speed Insights Tool.

    In my op if you use WordPress on your site, just go with Yoast SEO plugin, and do all the settings they mention in their tutorials.

    Then get into the real part- start earning links to your content.

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    there is no one way for all. it's depend on your field of activity, your competitor and so on, any way have a valuable content for visitor and good promotion by social media is good starting point.

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    Some of the main points to consider while starting an SEO campaign includes-

    Web Site Analysis should be done in following way->
    1. Keywords Research
    2. Meta Tags
    3. Body tags(H1,H2,H3)
    4. Title of website (70characters),
    5. Image of Website,
    6. Internal link Structure,
    7. Sitemap creation and Optimization
    8. Website Content Optimization
    9. Adding buttons g+, fb, ln, Pintrest code
    10. URL optimization (1024 characters),
    11. Broken Links Check
    12. Response Code Analysis
    13. Geographic Target
    14. Setting Google Analytics Account (Tells – Website Analysis – Like No of visitors, New Visitors, Returning Visitors)
    15. Setting Google Webmaster Account (Tells – crawl Status, Errors, malware)
    16. Page load Optimization

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    in addition to the above procedure, then you should add SEO backlinks

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    It's quite important the domain name. If it contains the words that define your business it ranks up faster. At least that has been my experience.

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    Actually the domain name doesn't carry much weight in Google these days and as for some of the other mentions here, just be cautious. Link back to people that make sense. I would highly recommend you follow Lynn's tips on her Clicknewz blog for ways to grow your website.

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    I think you should be careful with content. Your content must be unique and the content must be researched base. Use different keywords while writing an article and when you are going to anchor the keyword, make sure keyword seems original to search engines.

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    We always write new and exclusive content and enter a unique keyword


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