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Thread: Pinterest Image Question?

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    Question Pinterest Image Question?


    I created an image on PicMonkey yesterday with the intention of it showing up properly sized on Pinterest. I followed a bloggers way of doing it and yet when I tried, it did not work. Here's what I did. Feedback would be great please - what did I do wrong?

    Blog post image size: 739 x 1024px

    I submitted blog post to Pinterest and the image was tiny on pin page, on category page it was cut off and not at all what I intended - which is a nice large image that stands out.

    See both pics below:

    1. category page:
    2. Pin page:
    3. blog post itself:

    Please advise.
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    I'm not sure why it didn't work for you... but I just tested it out, and it worked fine for me. The image wasn't cut off at all.

    I pinned it from your blog post, using the pin it button that hovers over the image. That seemed to work fine. There was no problems with how it appeared on my Pinterest board or on the pin's own page.

    When you pinned your image, did you upload the image or did you pin it directly from the blog post?

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    Strange. And it's kinda mind boggling. Social networks change image size and dimension guidelines all the time.

    I think if you stick to 735px width you should be fine. The height of the image can vary.

    Here are some handy resources where you can keep track of image sizes for social media:

    For Pinterest:
    For Facebook:


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