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    In my early years of working online, I spent quite a lot of money searching for legitimate ways on the internet.

    I discovered that most people who claim to be gurus in earning income online are not actually making money legitimately. What they simply do is that they frustrate others by asking for one payment or the other. After such payments are made, they will change their contact details such as phone numbers, email addresses, etc. I was a victim of this before I figured things out myself.

    I also realised that it was realistic that anyone can make money online by taking all the appropriate steps that need to be taken.

    I'm simply writing on fiverr and I'm making some cool money from there.

    Does anyone here in the forum have any better idea to make money online other than fiverr?

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    I think that there are a lot more genuine ways to make money online than people realise. Many of them do take a lot of work to get started, but can pay off well in the long term. There are so many methods that it's not worth trying to list them, but I think for many people starting out, it is the fact that the "training" often takes up far too much of their budget.

    If you want to make money from blogging, then you can get some very good free training at Wealthy Affiliate, and there's very good advice at Problogger. There are some very good articles at, but their courses require a small fee.

    Many thousands of people make a living on eBay; dropshipping can work very well once you know how to set it up properly. there are some very low-cost courses around for this.

    I think Fiverr can be a very good place to start for many people, and I would suggest you list your gigs on other sites too. Just do a search for "alternatives to fiverr" and you'll get some ideas. Also consider listing your gigs on eBay; not many people know that you can sell services there. You can also price much higher on eBay - if you are offering a service to a business, they will often expect to pay (and have already budgeted for) a great deal more than five dollars! Bearing this in mind, you can also post your gigs on classified sites at a higher price, and just invoice people directly via Paypal. Post ads every day, and the orders will gradually increase.

    I hope some of this is food for thought at least!

    best wishes,


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    The one and only strategy that has worked for me is Launch jacking. Simply speaking, you steal the buzz of newly launched products when people search for reviews of those products online, and try to cash in some commissions if anyone decides to buy. Google it, and there are a number of tutorials.

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    thanks for the share mate

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    I suggest you watch the tutorial of google or at least those that are on the net

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    Thank you for sharing this!

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    You can try Iwriter or ghostbloggers or constant-content...v/v

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