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Thread: Hi there, nice to meet you...

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    Default Hi there, nice to meet you...

    Hi everyone,

    I'm Kimmoy and I decided to join SSWT after hearing so many great things about Lynn Terry and reading such great content on I even decided to signup for the January NAMS3 Workshop in January, so hopefully I will get to meet Lynn and some of you as well.

    I started The Curvy Coach a few months ago, so my goal is to be the "go-to" girl for any corporations, business owners, solo entrepreneurs who want to achieve business success in the plus-size industry. It's been a fun and interesting journey so far and I'm looking to step it up by incorporating affiliate marketing into my business model.

    Visit and let me know what you think.

    Can't wait to meet you all and brainstorm with ya


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    Welcome Kimmoy

    Great to hear you are coming to the NAMS workshop in January!
    Lynn Terry
    Site Admin

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    Welcome Kimmoy! Glad to have you here.

    I'll be at NAMS in Jan. so I look forward to meeting you.

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    Hi Kimmoy


    I really like your site, you look like you are on the right track and know where you want to get.

    I Stumbled your site for you.


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    Thanks Leigh! I really appreciate that

    Angie and Lynn, can't wait to meet you both IRL


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