Not sure if this is the right place for this post, although I don't mind paying to have this sorted!

I've taken my eye off the ball somewhat lately while I've been selling on Amazon. The result is my Wordpress sites have pretty much all been hacked. It wouldn't be too much of a problem, except a couple are sites I have set up for third parties and I really don't like letting them down and just closing the sites down, which is what I am inclined to do with all of mine that are not earning or showing potential!

Does anyone in the membership have experience of sorting out this kind of problem on a single addon domain and is prepared to share the solution with me so I can work through all the domains "cleaning them out"?

My hosting is with Hostgator and in the past they have scanned and cleaned out malware etc. for free, but that is a service they no longer offer - they now charge for it! I have a lot of addon domains and a monthly subscription per domain is not a viable option really.

Any suggestions gratefully received.



If you want a view of how one of my sites now comes up - or rather doesn't, try

Thanks for looking.