Hello; I'm seeking the right agent/business partner to market his works/blog. I've been seeking someone on writing forums, but I need a marketer, not another writer. How can I find that said someone?

What I need is someone that can facilitate my vision; the limiter isn't money at least, because I have something to sell, though I have little interest, or aptitude, for doing so, myself. I write, plain and short, to make a difference, not money. *I intend to make a lot of money, but that is not my main purpose. *My prose, poetry, and proposals are to make a difference, and not to make money through my works, though they should be quite salable.

Said someone needs to work just as hard promoting my works as I do, making them; to that end, I'll go all out, and expect that someone else to to likewise.

I suppose I could manage work by the total output of words per week—4000, 5,000, per chance---but it may be best to do so per article, and per importance of said article, no matter how you slice it. *

What I bring to the table ambition, dynamism, and creativity. *You, as my partner, will need to ground those gifts in reality--think you're up to it?