I am a professional photographer looking to monetize my unique knowledge of exotic locations into a photography tour business. I am currently projecting costs for the business plan, and the one area I have no idea how to get started on are the marketing costs. In fact, I consider marketing will be the primary focus of the business and the only possibility for success so I want to get this right. The target market is landscape photographers.

The first year objective will be to make between 72-98 sales. (1 tour per month, 6-8 people per tour). The cost will range from $2000-$6000 per person depending on location. I roughly estimate this so far, has the potential to net between 90-120k the first year after expenses if these sales goals are met (excepting the marketing budget which is not yet determined). The business will scale by hiring additional photographers to lead additional tours at additional locations, but this is the first year objective.

So my question is, what are going to to be the most effective outbound marketing channels I can employ, and how can I estimate those total costs, as well as a per customer acquisition cost estimate?