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Thread: I'm a forum newbie

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    Default I'm a forum newbie

    EricSBA here.
    I'm new to this type of forum.
    Profile: Have been marketing & doing the online affiliate opportunities, & investment programs since 1998.
    Also a new business for me is blogging which I started last month.
    My blogs are going to be my experiences with referrals & the different opportunities that I had success &or failures with. Also going to list what opportunities I think were rip offs.
    Look foward to joining the appropriate forum to learn & get advice on blogging & forums.
    Thanks & glad to be chatting with you!
    Last edited by EricSBA; May 1st, 2016 at 11:32 PM. Reason: Wanted to be more specific with my goals.

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    Welcome Eric. Glad to have you here

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    Thank you for welcome Angie!

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    I'm a newbie too. Just signed up a few days back. Looking forward to some great engagement and discussions here!

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    I'm also new here, hope to learn and share some useful things here


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