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    Hello Everyone,

    I'm pretty new to all this "make money online" movement, and my super secret (but seemingly quite lame) recipe to get where I want is to work for it. Yes, I know, there are a lot of ads and forum post on the internet that say that I could earn a fortune without lifting a finger, but - as old fashioned as I am - I'm more interested in learning about digital marketing, smm, seo and so on, and using my (mostly future) knowledge as a freelancer.

    For the last two months I accepted some small SMM (mostly IG) gigs where I had to bring likes and followers to my client's IG profile, and enrolled in some online classes. WHere I really felt that I learned something new was the Viral Hack course, and Coursera's Introduction to SEO. But.. even though this courses were and are helpful, I still fell myself a bit lost. Like, I have no idea where to start in case someone says: Hey, c'mon do this seo or marketing gig for me. It seems that I have collected some information already, but links between these chunks of information are missing.

    What can you recommend me? Are there some really practice-centered guides/courses that could help me further? Or do you have any other suggestions?

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    good idea there are many guides on the internet that can help you

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    I'm new here too! Learned a lot from threads here. So helpful

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