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Ghost Doodles - Single Owner Coloring Page Designs available for [S]3 people[/S] One person.

All rights reserved by YOU!

If you've considered adding coloring pages to your existing practice, projects or workshops but you don't have the skill, desire or time to create these pages yourself, or you want pages that no one else has, DoodleScription is offering an opportunity for 3 special people to have 30 doodle style coloring pages - line drawings that are useful for more than just coloring pages - created SOLELY and SPECIFICALLY for them.

Each coloring doodles is hand drawn on archival quality paper.

Once per week, the completed doodles are scanned into PNG format, at 300 DPI and stored in a private location, where only you have the link access.

You'll see new doodle pages in your private location every Friday until you have links to all 30 in digital PNG format.

You can start using them right away - adding them to your digital project files, sharing them with your people. Completion of all 30 coloring pages takes approximately 4 weeks.

When all the pages are complete, the 30 physical, hand-drawn coloring pages are shipped via USPS Priority Mail to your address - delivery receipt required.

What can you do with these physical coloring designs?

Color in the design and sell or auction off the originals. Create prints and posters from the originals either all colored or still in black line and sell the prints from your digital or physical craft store.

Place the digital images onto stickers, t-shirts, pillows, cups, dresses, shawls and anything else you can think of using one of the many product providers available like Red Bubble, GearBubble, CafePress or your favorite physical product creation spot.

Use the images in a story book that you sell on Kindle Direct Publishing or in physical book form.

These are now your artworks to manipulate, sell and display exactly the way you want.

You claim all Copyrights, Registrations and have Full Ownership of all the coloring pages. Use them ANY way you wish. No one else has access to these coloring doodles, until YOU share YOUR newest creations.

Once you click the payment link, you'll choose the delivery date you want, choose your design style, and complete your PayPal payment.

Final coloring doodle delivery dates are as follows:

[S]August 12, 2016[/S]
[S]Sept 2, 2016[/S]
Sept 30, 2016

What style of doodle would you like?

Click here to see your 4 doodle style choices.

This is not PLR, unless YOU turn it into and sell it as PLR.

These are Ghost Doodles, created SPECIFICALLY and ONLY for you. No one else will ever have these exact designs, unless you provide them from your private collection.

All sales are final.

This offer is currently only available to Residents in the 48 Contiguous United States.

This package of 30 doodles sells for $1497. You're getting a $700 as a member at ClickNewz.

Your cost is ONLY $797.

OFFER IS CLOSED Order Your Ghost Doodles Today![/URL]

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