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Thread: Including Raw Data In Wordpress Page/Post

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    Default Including Raw Data In Wordpress Page/Post

    In order to be able to offer our audience some real value and to compete with other sportsbook affiliate sites, I want to include a live odds section in one of my sportsbook sites. My technical knowledge is so poor that I don't even know what service I should be asking for to allow me to be able to include and display the data. I have gathered that ithe wordpress page needs to be able to work with a JSON feed but that's about all I know that I can decipher.

    Pelase use JSON format. XML format will be decommissioned.

    HTTP Request must have:

    Accept: application/json

    For POST requests HTTP Request must have:

    Content-Type: application/json

    If nobody can help with actually doing this, I'm hoping those of you with more technical savvy with Wordpress, can at least tell me the question I should be asking.......

    Thanks for looking.

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