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    I somehow have gotten myself attached to a person who tweets about 10 times an hour 24 hours a day with bits of poetry and other stuff that just is a pain. Is there any polite way to discontinue receiving these tweets?

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    Jeanette, do you mean you feel bad for unfollowing the person? I'd just unfollow and leave it at that.
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    I just unfollow! I don't give any reasons.

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    I unfollow at about 2 people a day and follow about 4 new people.
    I unfollow teeth whitining and trump network tweeters.
    I unfollow anyone that wants me to join a mafia with a DM.
    I unfollow people that DM me to buy stuff and I never had a @ reply with them.

    You can always follow them back later if you miss the inspiration. I follow @ZnaTrainer and get a lot of inspiration.

    I unfollow people that tweet to get 500 followers a day or never follow them in the first place. I even unfollow people that swear, or tweet how sick they.

    Easy come easy go. Try it you will like it. I do not usually use tweetdeck or other grouping software and with 4300 people to follow it is a bit of a push up to keep up with everyone.
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    You simply unfollow them, no explanation necessary.
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    That's the beauty of Twitter, you control what information you choose to receive. That's why I never auto-follow and have no qualms about unfollowing if someone is tweeting things I'd rather not receive.

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    Chances are good that they won't even think twice about you unfollowing them, or even once!

    I loathe those kind of tweets, so if you're looking for justification, "You go girl!"

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    The nicest thing about Twitter is that YOU are in control.

    If you feel someone is no longer worth following - UNFOLLOW

    If you feel someone is being a nuisance - BLOCK

    If you feel someone is worth following, but are too 'chatty' - ah... you can
    still read their tweets, by going directly to their Twitter page and seeing
    what they're up to!

    And if you'd like to participate in conversations with these people, use
    the @ symbol and they'll be able to read your tweets - and you can
    keep up with replies by looking at @yourname replies... both happen
    without you having to follow them. (The only limitation is that you
    can't send each other private direct messages unless you're following
    each other)

    I've not explicitly said this anywhere in my tons of posts about Twitter,
    but it's how I manage my tweet-stream by following only 40 people,
    yet being able to keep up to date with folks I enjoy reading and hearing

    In another thread, there's a discussion about FOCUS and how important
    it is to be productive online in your business. Using the control Twitter
    bestows upon you is one of the best ways to focus while still enjoying
    the reach, connection and power that the social networking tool offers.

    Hope this helps

    All success
    (@drmani on Twitter)

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    Thanks everyone for your thoughtful advice. I'll have to learn to be more discriminating.


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