I recently read a thread at another forum where a member talked about how he makes $300 a day from 30 sites with AdSense on them.

Creating the sites like he does is no big deal. Something I can definitely do.

After reading through much of that thread I've decided to tentatively partner up with a client of mine to go into the Adsense web making business. He will put up the money for domains and hosting and some other things and I will put in the work of doing the keyword research and creating the web sites. We will then split the sites where he gets one and I get one up to 15 sites in the first 30 days after which we will re-evaluate things if it seems desirable to do so.

After that I will build 30 sites a month.

My question, since this is still tentative, is....is making $10 a day from a site with Adsense really doable? I mean is it practical or will it take herculean effort?

Secondly has anyone here done that?

I mean the person on the other forum seems well respected. A regular joe schmoe who is doing some spectaculer things. And he described what he does in the presence of his peers who, rather than shooting his idea down, embraced him and what he was doing as well done.

So it seems doable but I would like to get some input here on this forum too before I definitely move forward with this. Just to be on the safe side.

While no one can guarantee that we will make any money from this, just as I can't guarantee that this will work as planned to my client, I want to get more input to at least make this an idea that to the best of my ability seems doable.

Any input would be appreciated.