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Thread: Is this Adsense money making claim for real?

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    Quote Originally Posted by kdbbiz View Post
    Think well, research all you can before you waste your time and effort in creating a business model that doesn't reap enough.
    Good advice kdbbiz. For sure just like all the advice given to me on this thread.

    To be sure there is some risk element in the Adsense approach being advocated. For sure.

    It may all flop and come to nothing.

    But I have looked at this from every angle I can think of and it keeps coming up as something worthwhile to do. Unless John, the creator of this system, is just downright lying or people on that other forum are in collusion with him to make his offering seem better than it is...both of which are almost for sure not the case...I think his system is workable.

    I will follow his blueprint to a tee.

    We'll see what happens I guess. I am just waiting on some input from John with respect to his insistance that I not share the ebook with anyone else. That's not very workable given that I will be doing the work and my client partner will be buying the ebook. I am not inclined to recommend that we buy two copies of his ebook to start using his system. Hopefully he will be somewhat flexible on that requirement.

    If not...I will just read the 1000 long thread where he posted essentially what is in the ebook, take notes, and begin to implement his idea from that.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Lynn Terry View Post
    Are you certain that is a fact?

    Do you have proof to back it up?

    Also, can you define "of any stripe"?

    Hi Lynn,

    Well...I can't say that as a fact. For sure not. It's just my general observation based on the impression that most internet marketers would go out of business if Google dropped them from search rankings entirely.

    That's what I meant Lynn. That if Google (i.e. the Google basket for purpose of the egg analogy) penalized internet marketers and completely got rid of any of their sites from the search pages that show up...most would go out of business I think.

    Most of us have become entirely dependent on Google rankings for most of our business online.

    Not saying that this applies to you Lynn. Perhaps you are diversified enough where it would not drive you out of business if Google got to not liking you or your sites for some reason but even with you I think it is safe to say that you would take a massive hit if you dropped from the search engine rankings entirely.

    What I meant by any marketers who are involved in affiliate marketing. Marketers who are involved in PPC ad marketing, email marketing, selling e-courses, making niche web sites, selling their own name it. Any kind of person who can be described as a internet marketer.

    Marketing something over the Internet.

    I think it is safe to say that most internet marketers have their eggs in the basket of Google to one degree or another. Where if Google decided one day to just penalize them out of search rankings...their business revenue streams would drop like a hot potatoe.

    That's what I mean Lynn. That while the concept of not having all our eggs in one basket is sound...the fact is that most internet marketers (not you specifically Lynn) have so many of their eggs in the Google basket (where there success is intimately and profoundly tied in with how Google treats them or ranks them) that if Google decided to arbitrarily penalize them or close down their rankings...their business would tank.

    I'm not an expert on any of this Lynn. Those are just my observations. You know a lot more than I do about wether internet marketers as a class of people truly have their eggs in the Google basket or not in the sense that I am talking about. Perhaps my impression is not accurate. Don't know.

    But that is how it seems to me as an aspiring internet marketer myself.


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    Quote Originally Posted by jkgourmet View Post
    ...if one has run their online business properly. A good business would have a variety of buyers from their own email list, readers of a blog, perhaps some advertising, links from other sites, repeat buyers and perhaps the 20% of internet users that use other search engines than google.
    A valid point. But...I think it is also valid to say that most internet marketers begin their businesses with a very heavy reliance on Google search ranking as their bread and butter means of getting lots of traffic (assuming they rank well). In other words though they might in time develop a healthier and more diversified business model...initially, they put most of their eggs in the Google basket.

    It's that initial business success that gives them the income to diversify and otherwise get involved in doing other things.

    Me and my client partner will really be doing no differently. At first we will put our eggs into the Google Adsense basket. But once some income begins to be generated (hopefully in line with the system John developed and that I will follow to a tee) we will have the discretionary income to diversify into all kinds of other things.

    Again it may all come to nothing but at least, if I do indeed walk forward with this, I will not be walking forward blindly. Nor will I be unaware of the risks involved where it may all come to nothing. Neither will my partner as he will be reading this thread and the other relevant threads dealing with the possibility of creating Adsense web sites himself.

    We will be operating under two Adsense accounts by the way. One for him and one for me. So in one sense if Google for some weird reason penalizes one of us the other one should still be okay. At least for purposes of generating an initial crop of income to allow one or the other of us to invest in something else and get some diversification going.


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    I found an absolutely awesome Adsense resource in my searching today.

    It's a free 237 page ebook on Adsense. All about Adsense. It's exhaustive.

    The author does not advise setting up web sites just to make money from Adsense which John's Adsense system is entirely based on.

    But the author too is making a bundle from Adsense and he lays out how he does things as well. Lots of good insight in this ebook. If anyone is interested in Adsense this ebook seems like a real winner and a real bargain at being free.

    I have not read through the whole thing (it's 237 pages!) but it seems up to be up to date and is in it's 4rth edition.

    Here's the link...



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