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Thread: Is this Adsense money making claim for real?

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    Default Is this Adsense money making claim for real?

    I recently read a thread at another forum where a member talked about how he makes $300 a day from 30 sites with AdSense on them.

    Creating the sites like he does is no big deal. Something I can definitely do.

    After reading through much of that thread I've decided to tentatively partner up with a client of mine to go into the Adsense web making business. He will put up the money for domains and hosting and some other things and I will put in the work of doing the keyword research and creating the web sites. We will then split the sites where he gets one and I get one up to 15 sites in the first 30 days after which we will re-evaluate things if it seems desirable to do so.

    After that I will build 30 sites a month.

    My question, since this is still tentative, making $10 a day from a site with Adsense really doable? I mean is it practical or will it take herculean effort?

    Secondly has anyone here done that?

    I mean the person on the other forum seems well respected. A regular joe schmoe who is doing some spectaculer things. And he described what he does in the presence of his peers who, rather than shooting his idea down, embraced him and what he was doing as well done.

    So it seems doable but I would like to get some input here on this forum too before I definitely move forward with this. Just to be on the safe side.

    While no one can guarantee that we will make any money from this, just as I can't guarantee that this will work as planned to my client, I want to get more input to at least make this an idea that to the best of my ability seems doable.

    Any input would be appreciated.



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    I can't comment on the realization of something like this, but as a business person I can say that (IMO) one of the most risky business models is one built on a single supplier, buyer, marketing method, distribution channel, etc. It's the eggs all in one basket problem.

    In this scenario, the risk is even higher since it's google you are counting on. They could slap one of your sites and suspend your adsense account. Done. Game over. That risk would make ME very nervous.

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    Indeed that is one of the biggest if not the biggest potential pitfall to the approach used by John (the name of the person who started the thread I mentioned and who has developed the system by which he makes $300 a day from 30 websites using Adsense).

    But the fact is that there are tons of business, an absolute ton, who rely on search engine ranking to succeed in their online businesses.

    While Google could close an Adsense account down and thereby close an Adsense business down it is unlikely that they would do so capriciously and in an arbitrary manner. Anymore than they would cause a web based business dependant on great search engine ranking to disappear from search results for no reason.

    In both cases Google would only do so if there was some violation of their rules or if their rules changed. But any change of rules would be applied to all in the same manner.

    Otherwise the net would be up in arms and Google itself would start hurting from the backlash.

    So while the risk is there in the sense that Google holds the cards so to speak I think it is minimized if one plays the Google game by their rules.

    Secondly even if the risk is greater than a business that is completely diversied and not dependant on Google...if I can make $5000-9000 per month for just a few months I and my client partner will have money to play with. Allowing us to achieve the diversification that is more desirable to have.

    Having all or most all our eggs in the Adsense basket is not the best but the fact is that most internet marketers of any stripe live or die by Google rankings. In that sense we will have plenty of company having all our eggs in the one basket. The Google basket.

    John has created an ebook bringing his system down to a level that is manageable with respect to having all the pieces in one place as opposed to being spread out over a thread that has something like 1000 posts.

    And I have never seen a product so highly recommended by his peers who have nothing to gain from such a recommendation given on a public forum.

    It seems like something definitely worth trying.

    The only hang up for me so far is that I (or my client partner) must agree to not share the ebook with anyone else which puts us in the predicament of having to buy two ebooks which seems a bit ridiculous given that my client partner cannot and will not do what I can do in this partnership and I do not have the discretionary income to buy the ebook, register domains, pay for hosting and whatever else will be needed to implement this.

    But I have an email to John to see if he is somewhat flexible on these rules before I recommend that me and my client move forward with this.

    Is anyone here making $10 a day on an Adsense site?

    If so was that relatively easy to do? How long before you started seeing close to $10 a day?


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    Carlos, it appears to me that you had already made up your mind about Adsense before you asked our opinion. jkgourmet is absolutely correct. The "all your eggs in one basket" approach rarely works. It's just not a sustainable way of generating income.

    By the way, I've done my own research on Adsense. I even opened an Adsense account, but never used it. Here's why: Most of the webmasters I talked to were very disappointed with their Adsense earnings and eventually ended up dropping Adsense altogether - if Google didn't drop them first. Some of these webmasters have extremely popular sites with lots of traffic.

    Are there webmasters who are making good money with Adsense? Yes, there are. But in the overall scheme of things, they are few and far between. If you want to use Adsense as an income stream, by all means do. Just don't depend on it as your sole source of income. That would be foolish indeed!

    David Jackson
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    Hi David,

    Thanks for the added input. I appreciate it. For sure!

    I have not yet made up my mind as in committing to do this. Not at all. My client knows I am still looking into this and that it is possible that I will chose not to move forward with it.

    What you may be seeing in my post with respect to having my mind made up is a reflection of my deciding that the all our eggs in one basket is not a valid objection to doing this.

    I have indeed looked at that objection and while I appreciate the input of not putting all our eggs in one basket...I don't think the objection holds much water practically in that virtually everyone even here on this forum has all their proverbial eggs in the Google basket.

    Or even in the PayPal basket if you will.

    PayPal can knock anybody out for any reason, no reason, or just because they have a burp on any given day. I have seen it happen. It's all over the internet that they do this at times.

    Yet I daresay that probably 95% of members on this forum have their payment processing eggs in the PayPal basket.

    What me and my partner are looking at doing is nothing compared to the way most internet marketers have their eggs in something like the one PayPal.

    Just my opinion...but that's an objection that I have already decided is not a showstopper at least for me. I will show my client this thread and of course he will have to make up his own mind.

    At this point in my decision making process I am more interested in finding out if anyone here is making at least $10 a day from Google Adsense from a web site and how difficult it was to achieve that in a general sense.

    Leaving aside the all eggs in one basket the idea of making $10 a day per site from Adsense doable? I mean practically and realistically so?

    I can shift my energies and time to completely do this. 10 hours a day if I have to. My needs are pretty much met to the point where I can do this.

    So for's not a matter of not having time. Or an unwillingness to work at it and do what it takes.

    I just don't want to steer my client wrong and have us go down a bunny trail that will lead nowhere.

    While no one can prevent such things entirely, avoiding all risk, I need to do my due diligence and turn over every rock before I either recommend that we move forward or not.


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    Quote Originally Posted by carlos123 View Post
    Hi David,

    Thanks for the added input. I appreciate it. For sure!
    No problem, Carlos. Anytime. I'm here to help. Best of luck with whatever you decide to do!

    David Jackson

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    I'm confused about something. Why do you need a partner in this at all? It costs $10, tops, to register a domain name. You can get hosting for $10/month that will host ALL of these sites. That's a pretty cheap cost. If you believe in this, why not just do it yourself?

    "Having all or most all our eggs in the Adsense basket is not the best but the fact is that most internet marketers of any stripe live or die by Google rankings. In that sense we will have plenty of company having all our eggs in the one basket. The Google basket."

    Not entirely accurate, if one has run their online business properly. A good business would have a variety of buyers from their own email list, readers of a blog, perhaps some advertising, links from other sites, repeat buyers and perhaps the 20% of internet users that use other search engines than google. And SERP's on google are not the same as what adsense uses to judge their advertisers. I would agree with paypal being a risk IF it is your only way of getting paid. If I were to adopt a shoping cart model, I'd offer paypal as well as set up my own merchant account.

    You might also want to do a google search on the recent changes to Google Affiliate Network (GAN) accounts. They are now required to have adsense accounts to get paid. If they have been banned from adsense (sometimes for good cause, sometimes for nonsensical reasons), they are effectively banned from GAN. Several of the affiliate forums have long, bitter posts about this. Does it apply directly to your proposal? Only in that Google holds a very big hammer over your head that can put you out of business in about ten minutes.

    I'd suggest you read the TOS for adsense very carefully. What I THINK you are proposing will not have enough unique content to qualify for an ongoing relationship with adsense.

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    I have been in the forum and heard the discussion you are referring to Carlos. I was tempted to think things through and proceed with the idea as well. I love building sites and have tons of resources to use to do so, yet there was still doubt.

    I have 6 sites right now that have been online for 6 months-4 years all with adsense on them. I have made a complete total of $16.78 from them.

    Think well, research all you can before you waste your time and effort in creating a business model that doesn't reap enough.

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    but the fact is that most internet marketers of any stripe live or die by Google rankings. In that sense we will have plenty of company having all our eggs in the one basket. The Google basket.
    Are you certain that is a fact?

    Do you have proof to back it up?

    Also, can you define "of any stripe"?

    Lynn Terry
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    Quote Originally Posted by jkgourmet View Post
    I'm confused about something. Why do you need a partner in this at all?
    Simply put...because business for me was real slow last month. My biggest client took a vacation for most of the month and did not have any work for me last month.

    So I simply don't have the discretionary income to put even $200 into this.

    By discretionary I mean money above and beyond what I need to live on.

    But I do have the expertise and time to do this. So the obvious solution was to find a partner to do with this who had some discretionary income but who did not have the expertise to implement the ideas themselves.

    Even if my client partner makes only $2 a day in Adsense income from each of 7 websites that I will be giving him that's $420 a month ($2 x 30 days = $60 per site x 7 sites). And that's not for must one month but for as many months as interest in what the web site is around continues. As long as I focus on long tail keywords that are in line with what John suggests in his system.

    $2 per web site per day is 1/5th of what John is making on average from his. So this is assuming that John's Adsense idea is only 1/5th credible and doable.

    It's a big win or potentially so for my client partner. The win for me is that I will have 8 web sites whose domain cost, hosting cost, and otherwise will be borne by my client partner (along with some other things of value he is giving me). Those 8 web sites will start to generate some income for me.

    The only trick then will be for me to duplicate whatever success I have with these 8 to another 8 and then another 8 and so forth.

    Once the money begins to come in (however much or little it is) I will veer off to start doing this on my own. But I will train my client partner to do it entirely on his own too in a seperate arrangement. So this seems like a win/win for us both.



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