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Thread: I need some help deciding on a header!

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    That's what I initially thought - but on second thought, isn't it the mother's that have the credit cards?

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    I have two teens. They both have their own computers. They ask permission to use my card, I say "sure" (after asking what it is), and they order the things they want. I never see the websites.

    Not sure if I'm in the minority there...
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    I agree with Lynn and that is generally the case with my two teenage boys. They surf the net, find what they want and ask me for money (though the asking for money isn't limited to only when they surf the net...but I digress).

    Usually at that point I will take it from there. Or I will note the page url if I think it might be something I want to purchase as a gift. I'd go back the idea that the site is designed for the visitor and assume that in the teen market the initial visitor and the "purchaser" aren't always the same. But I'd optimize for the one trying to convince mom or dad. Once you've "presold" them, they'll do the preselling (begging, pleading) to mom or dad.

    PS: Happy Meals aren't designed to be appealing to mom/dad...but they buy tons of them!

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    yes, but the only one I know really well is my own son and he lives with his dad and can't be reached right now. Guess I could put out a request on Facebook and Twitter. I have cousins kids and friends teens on both of those.

    I also found a cool enough looking skateboard forum but have been putting off joining since I don't know much about skateboarding, I wouldn't have much to contribute. But they would be the best market and it would get some of them over to my site too......

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    I like the first one but as a middle aged woman I may not have a real take on what would work. You may want to find forums for skateboarders and post there.

    You will get a much better feel based on target market.


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