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Thread: Topics & Guests

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    Yes, I add a vote for backlinks too.

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    Great topics & guests suggestions - keep them coming
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    Organizing affilate information. Even if I knew how to use it properly, I would have a hard time finding it. Maybe I've signed up for too many, but I can't keep track. I think I have affiliphobia

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    Quote Originally Posted by torontocarol View Post
    Organizing affilate information. Even if I knew how to use it properly, I would have a hard time finding it. Maybe I've signed up for too many, but I can't keep track. I think I have affiliphobia
    Here here! I must have affiliphobia too Always trying to figure out a way to organize affiliate stuff better (I have log in's in books, links in favorites, some stuff in XSitePro, on paper, etc YIKES).

    And I do have a link, Carol that will help you get started on that but a portion of a webinar devoted to that would be sooo cool. And maybe since Kelly McCausey did this video, she would be a great guest on the webinar to expand on this.

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    I like the suggestions by all and whatever, whenever and whoever will be involved I will definitely be there. All the topics are extremely current and seem to be constantly evolving. I have trouble keeping up and staying focused!
    Thanks again Lynn!

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    The topics that I'm most interested in are

    getting more traffic
    jv ideas/how to network within our level (how to find and create win/win situations with people who are at a similar level to us in traffic/niche etc - the kind of people who would also be interested - could tie in nicely on how to use or ideas for using the social media forum in the elite group. I think this could be a real key to growth.

    I think that Traci's idea about interviewing elite members is a great idea for many reasons both for the members and for elite forum exposure as well. For those who's specialty isn't working online related you could keep it to our biggest take aways in working online, our biggest lessons, mistakes etc, anything like that with a small part of the interview spotlighting the guest's site/business.

    It wouldn't have to be every time, maybe once a month even and it could be on a volunteer basis.

    I think it would be really interesting. There are some pretty amazing members in them there woods .
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    Default Quality

    Main topics that I always like to hear more about:

    1. Obtainng Targeted Traffic,
    2. Conversion from reader to fan to buyer,
    3. Making the Tech stuff easier

    Interviewing forum and elite memebers is a great idea. The masters we have here on the forum are actually doing it every day and don't necessarily know how much expertise they have that can help others...

    A biggie for me right now is:
    What IS great content and how DO you create it? for your readers, for the public, for attracting attention by the right people... How do you merge what you WANT to write with what gets the impact you want? That is my question for today...

    Just Do it comes to mind as an answer. But I don't want to JUST DO mediocre to get something going.... I'm feeling immersed in learning SEO, researching the market, putting the tech pieces together, while having the reader, visitor, customer, tribe member, (my people who want to hear from me, like me, know me, trust me!) in mind as I do this stuff. A bit to juggle, but well worth the process, internal as well as external.

    Best, Mary

    P.S. A follow up topic to that is, (one that I'm not ready to tackle right now, but some further along than me may be) HOW NOT TO DROP THE BALL ONCE YOU GET IT GOING... That is an internal fear I have, how can I keep up with this once some momentum hits and people want to hear from me

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    Default Facebook/Facebook connect

    I'd love something on incorporating facebook connect into your site/using facebook in general - like the way the 30DC was set up on facebook, what kind of possibilities there are etc.

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    Seems like there are a lot of questions from us new folks about inbound links. I think we all get why they are so important, but don't entirely get how to get them. Lynn, would you consider this for a near future Webinar, please? (Sorry if I sound pushy. . .)

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    In my survey of newbies, Picking a Niche was the highest vote getter.
    Christine Cobb
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