Hi -

I'm wondering if anyone here is using Comcast for Internet service and phone service. If so, are you satisfied?

Because they are working on an upgrade in our community they are also selling packages with phone and internet service which will cost me about $50 less/month than my current bill with Bell South/AT&T, plus the initial cost for a router. I currently have no need for a router. (The fee for cable tv is included in my monthly Homeowners' Assn fees.)

My main computer is a MacIntosh and I want to make sure also that I would have no challenges with Mail coming into my INBOX. Right now I have a challenge with Hostgator on SENDING mail using mail.hostgator.com.... also on some email addresses with incoming mail. i've been too involved with other things to spend time with techs at Hostgator, who were not familiar with the MAIL program I use with my Mac (not .mac) ... the one that came with the computer, similar to the program that came with my Windows VISTA. One long call with Hostgator on it ended in no satisfaction on my part AND I simply use mail.bellsouth.net to on my addresses.

Bottom line to the long story is that I want to make certain switching from AT&T to Comcast for Internet and Phone Service would be a wise move.

Thanks for anything you can offer.