This is particularly for affiliate marketers who want to help people understand web hosting and internet marketing basics.

One of my most popular products, and highest converting for affiliates, is

I have a rebrandable report that I give to affiliates which includes links for DCP, Hostgator, and Kiosk.

However, I have a gold version of this report where those that purchase can rebrand all the links in the report. I am currently offering this for $27, but for SSWT members, $17.

Here are the commissions that can be earned from each link in the report. - pays up to $48.50, typically $23.50
Hostgator - pays up to $125, typically $50
Kiosk/GVO - pays up to $5/month, plus downline commissions, matching bonuses, etc. - pays $23.50 commissions
Aweber - pays 30% monthly for life! Earn a minimum of $5.70/month, and as your referrals grow their lists, your commission grows, too!
Roboform - pays 30%, typically $5.99 - pays 40% monthly, typically $11.50, up to $38.50 - pays 33% monthly, typically $31.33 - pays 50% monthly for 1 year, typically $8.50

This SSWTSO is further described and available at

If you have questions, please let me know here, or DM me on Twitter (@bobtheteacher)