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Thread: If I Had To Start Over. . .

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    Stephen, you and I are "old dogs" who spent most of our lives with an entirely different mindset on how to earn money. But the more attention you give to this stuff, the more it makes sense and the more it will give back-- but maybe not immediately. While an employer will cut a new employee some slack while they get up to speed at a new job, there's no paid training in Internet marketing. You make money once you do it all right. I guarantee you that long before you've been at as long as Lynn has, you'll be making a good living at it-- if you stay with it and keep applying yourself.

    Wade Watson

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    I am a relative newbie at internet marketing per se but I find the lack of practicals among most internet gurus somewhat appaling (not pointing at anyone in particular).

    Many sell hope. That's what is generally sold. The hope of making a living over the internet. But hope without the practical nuts and bolts of step 1, step 2, and so forth is just an exercise in futility or at the very least a long, slugging, drawn out exercise in learning the step 1, step 2, etc. on your own.


    I am focusing on what needs to be done one step at a time. Guru or no guru.

    If you want to join me in discussing one of the most fundamental but all out important keys to internet marketing success (if I can use the term key) come join me in a thread I started...

    It's titled "Anybody for serious, I mean serious keyword niche market brainstorming?"

    If you don't have good...take two...GREAT keyword phrases to focus on from the very get will likely spin your wheels all over the place and be frustrated by the lack of traffic and make things a lot more difficult for yourself.

    My aim is to become an expert at picking red hot niches to focus on. Whether to use those niches and capitalize on Adsense, affiliate marketing, my own product creation...doesn't matter.

    We have to figure out where the fish are and go and give them some bait! Without that we will remain mediocre fishermen (or women ) at best and downright failures at fishing at worst.


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    I completely see where you're coming from on this. I've seen the same kind of thing and at this point just roll my eyes.

    I listened to an audio from a marketer that I do really like interviewing someone who is quite popular and well known. She is relatively new and has had quick success. What I didn't like was that in the interview she said that she put together a podcast series interviewing people and made 33,000 on the first one with I forget how many listeners, probably at least over 1,000.

    In my world it surely doesn't happen that way, after 2 years I'd probably be happy to have 2 on the call and if I made 1 sale I'd be calling it a good day.

    Yes, I do think we're missing something - there are so many variables involved that aren't spoken about - I suspect a lot of them involve people skills, stepping out of your comfort zone (many of the successful ones are already comfortable and familiar with these things because they come from a corporate or professional background, many have worked in media before OR they have the chutzpa to take a deep breath and do it - most of them believe in themselves at a deep level - that seems to be a constant) and even your own level of personal magnetism - yes, I do think that is a factor here.

    These are all things that can be worked on and improved, but skipping over that step is leaving a big piece of the puzzle out of the picture.

    For me, if I had to start over I would have been tighter focused and set things up that way - I have tried to go after a few different niches under the same brand/umbrella. That makes it hard for me to 'be' anything and is spreading me too thin. (not that I will necessarily give up the niches, but I may rename them to be more generic and set up a more passive model for my 'minor' sites - I have a healthy habits blog that I think I will turn into a personal blog without the queenofkaos header, and I may change my WAHM blog to be branded something besides Queen of KAOS - and leave that brand for my at home blog which was the original plan.

    If I was starting from scratch, I may have kept it to the home blog only and who knows, I may end up doing that.

    things grow out of control very easily, best to keep a tight focus, then move on when that is manageable.

    The other thing is to do far more writing doing keyword research first.

    I've got volumes of articles that have no traffic because I didn't take this step, so I'm trying to get into the habit of it. It really does make a difference in traffic - but past that, testing and conversion is also key - I do have traffic to some pages but not enough conversion.

    So my top 3 things I would be more mindful of if I was starting over...

    focus (immersion in your market - and take things to completion before moving on)
    keyword research
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    I had an interesting thought on this topic just last night, which I published on my blog this morning:

    I'll be honest with you and say... it completely boggles my mind to imagine spending months, much less years, at Internet Marketing without earning a profit. There is no way I could have afforded to invest the time without a return.

    If you are snacking on something as you read this, or know for sure where your next meal is coming from... you're in a better position than I have been more than once in my past.

    I once lost 23 pounds in the 7 weeks it took me to actually get the checks in my hand, working non-stop and feeding only my 2 children with the bill collectors on hold. I've never gone without a day since.

    When you're in the position of "work or watch your children starve" you'd be amazed at what you can accomplish.

    You can blame the gurus, blame the lack of detail in their interviews, or blame the lack of a step-by-step plan all you want. But in the end it comes down to ME. Or to YOU. We are in charge of our own future. Period.

    Every business or business model is unique to the person that creates it. There is no one-size-fits-all method of making money online. There are successful models, which you've found that people freely share on their blogs and in their newsletters. And that's great - but it's not a blueprint. Just proof and inspiration, guidance and resources.

    Being an entrepreneur is about having that creative freedom, and that intuition, to turn an idea into profit. If you want to be told what to do, every step of the way, then you might as well get a job that has a guaranteed paycheck every week or every month. If you want the freedom to create a business and create your own lifestyle, you have to dig in and make it happen.

    Consider all the things you feel are "missing" in your Internet Marketing education. None of that was available at all in the 90's. Yet somehow there were people who started websites and profitable online businesses back then. Without a mentor, without a podcast, without an ebook to go by.

    Imagine for a moment that you had nothing but an old computer and an internet connection. That you'd already sold all of your clothes and furniture, save the clothes on your back and the computer in the floor. Imagine that you have 4 children, and you also sold their clothes and toys. You have enough food to last your family maybe a week if you're conservative, and no idea how you're going to pay the next rent or mortgage payment. What would you do?

    Now... go do that.
    Lynn Terry
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    Awesome Lynn. Thanks.

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    "Imagine for a moment that you had nothing but an old computer and an internet connection. That you'd already sold all of your clothes and furniture, save the clothes on your back and the computer in the floor. Imagine that you have 4 children, and you also sold their clothes and toys. You have enough food to last your family maybe a week if you're conservative, and no idea how you're going to pay the next rent or mortgage payment. What would you do?

    Now... go do that."

    This may well rank as the ultimate Lynnism.

    I think Jan hit it on the head when she said, "...get out of your comfort zone."
    I decided to forcibly pry myself out of mine, or at least I will. Because it's a total must-do. No excuses, no reasons, it just IS.

    Yep, there's loads of business models and lots of step-by-step methods. As I see it, you absolutely need only 4 things to get started:

    1. An idea you've confirmed can work.

    2. An autoresponder account.

    3. A website or blog.

    4. Getting out there.

    The rest will come.

    No. 1 has always been my biggest stumbling block. Be nicer to your toes than I have...think long and hard about what interests you from a lot to a little, pick a handful at a time to thoroughly check out and do so.

    In reality, that's all YOU have to do for yourself. A good autoresponder like Aweber will have first rate training materials available, and there's loads of help to be found for website/blog setup, especially here.

    Oh, and questions. Lots and lots of questions. Not "Why am I not worth the gum on the bottom of my shoe?" questions, but "How do I do this?" and "Where can I get that?" questions. Positive, productive, worthwhile.

    I promise anyone who reads this: We like questions here. We answer them. We know where you're coming from, and we're here to help.

    We just can't do it FOR you, and vice versa.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Lynn Terry View Post
    I once lost 23 pounds in the 7 weeks it took me to actually get the checks in my hand, working non-stop and feeding only my 2 children with the bill collectors on hold. I've never gone without a day since.
    Tears came to my eyes when I read that Lynn :-(

    It reminds me of when I first started...I was surviving on maternity leave funds and baby bonus, had a deadbeat boyfriend who couldn't hold a job, took most of the money I had, and was never around. I wrote articles and submitted to magazines.

    A year later, I was single mom on welfare with nothing left at the end of the month. My only luxury...dial-up Internet and an ancient computer. My daughter was a year old, I couldn't drive because I didn't have a licence at that time, and didn't have a car to drive even if I did. I moved to a town where I didn't know anyone.

    I couldn't go to work because I couldn't get there (no public transportation), and there was a waiting list at the daycare so I had no one to watch my daughter if I did.

    So yes, it's pretty amazing what you can do when you need to feed and diaper a baby and you only have $800 month and your rent is $500. Which is why I soon found out I could make money fast by writing online, so that's the direction I went. Before I knew it I was off assistance and surviving completely on the money I brought was a great feeling!

    I think that's what really drives a lot of us in the beginning...the desperate need to succeed because we have no other choice.

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    Hi Lynn, it boggles my mind too!

    What really boggles my mind is the number of people doing it (spending years and not seeing a decent return). It isn't easy, at least not for every one, and lots of us have put in long hours and tried our best.

    Not to say we did everything right, but for many of us, the effort and need was there. Probably most of the people struggling with their online business do have another source of income which is why many of us for so long thought everyone was doing so well (it wasn't long ago that no one would admit to not doing well - I think it's a new phenomena as 'internet years' grow longer.)

    But I don't think it would be hard to find people who need the money to put food on the table.

    I don't talk about this online, but when I started I was in a marriage with an active alcoholic who was making my life hell on earth with 3 little kids to look after. I lived and breathed making my business work so that I could get out but it wasn't enough.

    I made money, but not enough to survive on. I had reason up the whazzo but I still couldn't do it.

    As I type this now, I feel shame for not going out and getting a job and starting a new life instead. For making my kids wait while I kept trying. That's probably why I am so passionate about calling it as it is.

    I didn't feel that I had many options back then without a full analysis of why/why not do something else - at the time I truly thought that my own business was the only answer.

    As it worked out, my husband learned a lot of lessons the hard way, straightened up, and my main business is comparable to what I'd make at a minimum wage job with expenses etc with lots of room to grow so it's not all doom and gloom but it was tough back then and I still don't know for sure that I did the right thing - more because of my own feelings of failure and their effect on me than anything else.

    And even as I type I can see that the reasons for my situation were my own short comings and maybe that's my point. It isn't all paint by number, there is so much about success that is dependent on the person - their shortcomings and strong points that we aren't all on a level playing field.

    I'm not blaming any gurus for that, I didn't know of any back then, and to be honest, if I did I wouldn't have had the focus that I did on my business. I'm sure that there was something I should have done differently, I just couldn't tell you what. I don't think that I could possibly have put more effort into it.

    What I suppose I am saying is that some people have it and some don't - and the 'it' is what we all want to have and maybe even need to be a real success. And people who have 'it' will tell you that everyone can have 'it', but if you don't, it is darn illusive.

    What I don't like is when people say that making a living online is easy, to entice new people in and to keep 'old' people from quitting - and spending money on courses etc etc. If it was easy, there would be a whole lot more people online making a real paycheck - and beyond. There are plenty with beautiful websites, great content who know their stuff inside out and backwards who aren't making a dime and have no idea what they are doing wrong in spite of umpteen dozen courses.

    My question (not in particular to anyone, just something I ask myself) is how can some make so much, and the majority make so little. Is it so precise an arena that you have to get every slightest tiny detail right?

    I actually don't think so, but I do think that there are some things that can mess you up if you get them wrong.

    Which is what I think is really valuable about this thread.

    Asking "What would you do over", really makes a person pinpoint the right things to do.

    It's always nice to dig a little deeper and I think that maybe 'it' is willingness to step out of your comfort zone - willingness to experience and to step up.

    There are so many things that can come from that one thing over time.

    I can't say for sure that everything you may do that is out of your comfort zone will give results, but those are the things that I always wonder about.
    Jan Ferrante - Queen of KAOS

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    Nicole also interviewed me for her Success Cast. You can listen to the interview here...

    Online Success Cast #11 Scott Tousignant "Fat Loss Quickie"

    You can also download the transcripts here: Success Cast Transcripts

    I provide a very detailed response of what I would do and it starts on page 29 of the transcripts. This is something that anyone can do. It won't make you millions of dollars, but it will definitely get the ball rolling for you.

    Please read Lynn's post that she just referred to. It's absolutely brilliant. I'm not greater than you, more talented than you, or more special than you... but I am capable of greatness and I certainly know that with the utmost of confidence.

    You are capable of greatness as well... it's time to believe in your unique abilities and gifts and put them to good use.

    Success is there for all of us to grab and enjoy. Admit that you deserve success and got out and receive it.

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    Not to put a downer on things, but there are some people who wouldn't make a profit if you gave them a thousand years and are perhaps deluding themselves about their chances of success.

    So much depends on the amount of drive and mental strength and imagination you possess, whatever your life circumstances or starting point.

    Technically, anyone could achieve great things on the internet, but it's a sad fact that most won't because they simply lack the ability to do so, regardless of the amount of opportunities open to them.



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