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Thread: If I Had To Start Over. . .

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    Quote Originally Posted by jamessamy View Post
    Thank you Jackson.
    No problem. But I personally won't be making anymore comments on this thread. I'm all for a good debate, but this thread went bonkers!

    David Jackson

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    I love this thread. Especially the information about failing. Yes, those of us making a great living with the Internet have had our fair share of failures. Hopefully we learned from these failures and made necessary adjustments.

    Years ago I was hosting a teleseminar in which 300 people registered. This was during the time that when you had 300 registrations about 80% would be on the call. (okay I just aged myself :-) )

    For some reason no one could hear the call. Instead of getting tweaked, I went ahead with the call, recorded it and did my planned follow up. I was able to make some really nice sales as a result.

    Had I given up, told myself I totally goofed and not done the back-end marketing I would not have made the sales I did; in the thousands.

    I don't say this to impress anyone with numbers, but to impress upon you that we all mess up. Yet, even in the mess ups you have to have a plan in case things do go wrong.

    Something else that has made a difference is being willing to invest in my knowledge base. I have been making my living from the Internet for years, but I still invest in information from leading experts.

    In the last couple weeks I have bought info from Mark Hendricks, Russel Brunson, Jimmy D. Brown and others.

    Do I plan to "get around" to the information. Nope! I am taking time every day to listen, read, and watch at least an hours worth (and more), taking notes, implementing tips and evaluating the results.

    The greatest mistake I see people make is getting into the trap of trying to figure it all out for themselves, not investing the time or money, spinning their wheels by having no systemized approach to their learning curve and going in a dozen different directions rather than a laser beam approach.

    Another mistake is the "yeah buts". As I was once told by a wonderful mentor, the only but I should have is the one I sit on. If someone is succeeding and we ask for their insights and then we "Yeah but" them, why did we ask for the advice in the first place?

    Write some specific goals for your business growth. Be realistic while stretching yourself. What I mean by this is, if you are currently making nothing, to set a goal of a million dollars this year you are not being realistic.

    If, on the other hand, you set a goal of $500 in your first month, this is realistic and it is a stretch.

    But it means to get into action today. Watch the procrastination and the time wasters you may fall prey to.

    I believe virtually anyone can succeed at making a living with the Internet. I also believe most people won't because they either give up too soon, are not focused enough, are not hanging out in the right locations and are making excuses for why things aren't working rather than finding reasons why they can work.


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