Kinda of a cheesy subject line I know but hey...I can certainly use any and all input I can get.

Here's my essential's actually coming together pretty good but I can use more input and direction I think.

I am a web developer. That is my main money making business. Some months I feast...others I have to go on a diet. That's the nature of the business.

Last month was lousy. This biggest client has more work for me and I am starting that project today or tomorrow. So it's nice that I will be getting more cash money coming in soon.

But all my needs are taken care of for at least 30 days out (i.e. food, rent, and other expenses) so I have no need for immediate income.

Don't get me wrong...I can always use more money. My problem is not the lack of money it's the lack of time along with not having enough discretionary income to get guru ebooks and such or sign up for brainstorming membership sites.

I have one deal going with a client partner that involves my creating 15 Adsense sites. He will get 7...I will get 8. He will pay for all domain registrations and hosting and will provide me with some additional benefits that have made it a pretty sweet deal for me. But not outright money to me involved.

So I got that going.

Anothoer client has a project that I begin today or tomorrow that will pay me good money. That has to be done by October 9th. Not a problem. I can work on that nights and weekends.

I have a joint venture thing I am trying to find the time to develop but I have shifted my time over to Adsense so that has been put on the back burner though it seems to have real potential. Essentially it involves creating a series of lessons (13 to be exact) on how to create web sites quickly and easily using my PHP object code classes that is far easier to work with than even WordPress (less resource intensive, easier to modify, cleaner, etc..).

The code will be encrypted so I can give it out freely. The lessons will be given out freely too. I am looking at doing a joint venture in making this e-class available for the taking to those who have subscriber lists and might want to give them away as something of value to their subscribers. The main benefit to me being the extra traffic that would come to me but...

Traffic wise I am getting a fair bit of traffic from some blogs that I have commented on, some forums (including this one), ads I placed on craigslist, and some other such places. But my focus right now is not on getting traffic since I couldn't do much with it even if I had a flood of it (timewise) so it makes no sense, I think, for me to focus on getting all kinds of traffic when I couldn't do much to capitalize on it.

My main focus right now is on the Adsense web sites. If I can create just 4 web sites turning $10 a day in Adsense revenues (or 8 turning $5 each, 16 making $2.50 each, etc.) needs will be completely met every single month and I can focus on expanding into other areas.

What I have been focusing on is learning to pick keyword phrase winners the last few days. Problem's tough to get any input from anyone as to the keyword phrases I have picked. I don't know why. I gave two away at another forum and got very little input. So I am kinda stuck learning in the dark to discern good from bad keyword phrase picks.

But I plug along but it's a bit frustrating having to piece together bits and pieces of good insight, tips, or wisdom that I am able to cull from this or that place on the internet on how to pick winning keyword phrases. Lots of folks talk up a storm about how we need to pick great niches but there is a real scarcity of information as to what makes a good niche or not. It's like a secret that no one wants to let out. I am talking about the practical nuts and bolts.

One man, a real Adsense success on another forum, wants to talk to me about getting into yet another partnership with him to build Adsense sites for him too. We will split the income and he will teach me what he knows as I do the grunt work for him. No long term committments on either end. I help him with grunt work and he teaches me. But I am not waiting around for that to come together. We have hashed most everything out by email already...we just need to talk on the phone some. He is real busy too and it's a 3 hour time difference between us so it's tough to arrange a time to talk. But if that deal come together I will spending 10 hours a week working with him and being mentored by him in exchange for my helping him with the grunt work on additional Adsense sites.

So there you have it. Essentially.

Oh...and I have a deal with my landlord where I am helping him with a business site that has been going real well. I do web development work for him in exchange for the $600 rent here. Real sweet deal. I charge him $25 an hour for that and he is very pleased with what I have been doing.

I guess you could say I am a real wheeling and dealing sort of guy LOL. Though that is not really my personality. I prefer just working quietly in my own corner of the world but the fact that I have needed resources that I do not have has driven me to make win/win deals lately.

Adsense is really what I am shifting over to focus on. I know a lot of people have failed with it but I am not everybody else. Not to mention that I am following behind some of the most successful Adsense marketers around and learning all I can from them (mostly at another forum).

Any and all input would be most appreciated. If you think I am full of B.S., right on, or just naive or whatever...please don't hesitate to speak up and say so. I've developed a hard shell of sorts as a result of being on the internet for years and can take just about anything anybody can dish out.

What I am after is good and genuine input either pro or con so that I do things better and focus more on what will pan out financially for the best in the long run.