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Thread: Elite Membership - Brainstorming Hour - Still Active?

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    Default Elite Membership - Brainstorming Hour - Still Active?

    Is the Elite Membership still active here in the ClickNewz Forums?

    More specifically, are the Brainstorming Hours still being held on a regular weekly basis?

    I've really enjoyed & learned from the Brainstorming Hours in the past & am very interested in attending current Brainstorming Hours after becoming an Elite Member again.

    Keeping my fingers crossed that Brainstorming Hours are still LIVE here!!

    Thanks to anyone that updates me on the status of things here in the ClickNewz Forums!!

    Have a Great Day!!


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    Yes we still have them two times a week, Monday evenings and Thursday afternoons. You can upgrade to join the membership here: see you on the inside


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