I have a tribute that I did for a couple men I knew and respected and impacted my life, I'm also friends with their children. They were also close friends to each other.

I had made a tribute photo of their graves together with statement I came up with captioned underneath. I only have basic photoshop skills at best.

I then gave the copies to my friends. This was a couple year ago. The problem is that it really looks crappy. One of them was cremated and his ashes spread into a canyon on a Hawaiian Island and so the picture shows the grave of one, next to it is a picture of the canyon with his details that I photoshopped on and the caption is underneath both. The only picture I found of the canyon wasn't really high enough quality for printing. So it looks terrible.

What I want is a picture of the one grave and next to it a picture of an identical grave with a picture of the canyon superimposed over the grave marker and my quote underneath.

I still have my original photos.


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