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Thread: New Google Thin Review Product Review Slap! or Not?

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    Default New Google Thin Review Product Review Slap! or Not?

    I wrote a blog post last night titled "New Google Slap for Thin Affiliate Review Sites" concerning Perry Marshall and Dr. Glenn Livingston's assertion that Google is at it again and this time their scope is keenly focused on "thin affiliate product review sites" and perhaps affiliate marketers in general - so they say.

    I know from listening to an extended interview on Internet Marketing This Week (IMTW), that Perry does not consider the affiliate business a real business in the truest sense. I don't happen to agree as professional affiliate marketers do serve as a valuable resource to the marketplace - both to consumers and creators of the products and services they market.

    I fully appreciate Google priorities, they must be loyal to their users experience and they will always work to ensure that searchers receive quality, relevant search results and protect against gaming their system. As with the recent YouTube Slap on marketers, we have to provide value - always!

    It is an interesting article, the references Dr. Livingston makes in the email Perry shared in the post are to be noted. I would love to hear your feedback on this important issue and on Perry advice to affiliate marketers.
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