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Thread: Need some suggestions, please....

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    Smile Need some suggestions, please....

    ok. I am trying to narrow some things down and focus more on other things. I need some suggestions for my websites.

    In doing more freelance work these days and trying to get my products launched and selling, I find I have little time to blog much. I also have a service biz site, and a bookclub site that have no blogs attached to them.

    What I am debating is putting the content from my one site onto my well establised site which is primarily a blog.

    Now the thing is, I would still like to have my business services name KDB Business Services. Do you think I could still keep the content as is on the IM site and just replace the header from the other site, or do you think people would get confused?

    Do you think the services aspect would be overlooked in a blog that talks about online business aspects/tips or do you think it would add value and keep people sticking around and then once they read and determine that I do have experience, they will be more apt to click on the page for services and hire me?

    I know, I am long winded, especially when I am trying to write down my thoughts while they are still all jumbled.

    Main points:

    1. would like to make 2 sites into 1
    2. would like to make sure both site info would mix well
    3. would like to know if KDB Business Services site name would be ok on blog instead of IM Talks with Melanie as it is now

    Anything else anyone can suggest?!



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    I think it would be fine if you did it that way. The title of a site is often different from the URL and since you are the owner I don't think it would be confusing.

    As for offering the services aspect on the blog, I think that's fine. In fact, Yaro Staruk recommends that you have a consulting page (which is a service) on your blog if you offer that.

    Doing that will also solve your .info problems and you can just point the .info for any existing traffic you have.

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    thanks mom.

    I have decided to also incorporate a page for my products from my site as well. I am starting to think those .infos were a waste of time and money.
    Ah well, now I can just concentrate on one main blog/site and go about making more money with it in multiple ways.

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    Hi Melanie,

    Do you have issues with pages on the .info domains ranking well? A while back there was talk of Google treating .info domains differently than the top level domains (.com, .net, .org). The reason being because they were selling for .99 and "spammers" were buying them up by the hundreds.

    I like the idea of combining them all under your name domain. Your service based business will give your tips & information more credibility.

    You could do a permanent 301 Redirect on the two .info domains to point any traffic to the one domain. Assuming those two domains get significant traffic?
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