I'm planning on writing up a free report this week to promote my Teleseminar Formula course, and give affiliates a tool to use as a rebrandable PDF.

As I get ready to pull it together from some of the elements of my course, I thought it might be fun to see what the forum here could come up with.

What I'm looking for is:

1) if you have not done a teleseminar yet, why not?

2) if you have done a teleseminar, but you haven't done them lately, why not?

3) if you have done teleseminar recently, what's been your biggest challenge?

4) what other questions about teleseminars, and how they can help your business grow, would you like to see me answer in this report?

This report will be something affiliates can give away free to their list, and will lead into a free into at my site TeleseminarFormula.com. I'm giving away module 1 (MP3 audio and ebook) of my 8 module course. People have the choice of upgrading for the entire course (video, audio, ebook/transcripts) for $497, or the ebook/transcripts (with screenshots) for $197 (this is currently $97 for a few more weeks).

So ideally, this report will have the right answers to the questions you are asking here to result in better conversions for my affiliates.

I appreciate your answers to one of the questions above!


Bob Jenkins