I just finished a post for one of my blogs and it inspired me to share part of it here. I'm presenting an offline workshop on Starting An Internet Home Business For Under $100. Here's the link if you want to read the whole thing.

Anyway, it got me thinking about why I'm marketing online. This is what I wrote:

"Most offline businesses don't see a profit for years, and if you decide you want to change the products or services you offer, it isn't easy. Not so with the Internet.

A number of years ago, I operated a small Internet Cafe. A lot of work for months before I opened. Finding a location, getting permits to renovate, renovating and furnishing, leasing computers, getting a vendors permit and a food permit, dealing with the health department, getting insurance, having a sign made and put up, and advertising to get people to come. Then when I opened, guess what happened? Within a month I realized I didn't like being in a shop and waiting for people to come in. So I started offering classes. That was better, but they weren't every day all day, so the shop was a waste of money. Plus I gained weight from drinking so much coffee and cream so it wouldn't be thrown out.

The end result - I closed up shop less than a year later and took my business home. Less overhead and more time for myself. Now the Internet has opened an even easier way for me to have my own business and help other people. It's no wonder that I'm so passionate about the opportunities available online!

Now tell me your story. Why are you marketing on the Internet? "

That's my why. Now what about yours?