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    Default Cafepress graphic help

    I am graphically challenged, ask Loretta. lol She'll try to make me feel better out of love, but I get so angry making graphics that it's better for my laptops life that I give up.

    Is there anyone here that has worked with cafepress and knows what they are looking for? I have many ideas and wants for my niche market, but I have no idea where to start because I'm graphically challenges. lmbo

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    Did you check the help area once you're logged in? I know they have the graphics requirements listed on the site (as in best size/dimensions, colors, etc....).

    Or was your question more specific than just what size your graphic needs to be?

    Just did a quick search at CafePress and found this in their general help area on how to find what you need to create graphics.
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    GraphicWorks has been around for quite a while. It's a graphics tools made for those wanting to design for CafePress....takes much of the guess work out of doing it.

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    Thank you to both of you.

    Traci - I am a graphic DORK so I don't tend to look. My total bad, but it really takes me an hour to make a basic 125x125 button and it will look like poo. lol

    PDX guy, I am all over the link you sent me. Thnx

    Honestly, I only ask because it truly takes me forever to make any basic stuff. So I guess what I really need to do is come up with some stuff and then big it out


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