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Thread: May not seem like much..

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    Congrats! Every little bit counts. It's definitely a success and you should enjoy it

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    Quote Originally Posted by lisamariemary View Post
    And listen, Michelle, if you don't stop talking about mtns. and horses and showing pics of your incredibly idyllic property - I'm just gonna PACK MY BAGS AND MOVE IN!!

    hehe,, your welcome to come and stay any time you want.. I'll gladly take you riding in the mountains!

    And yes, it is great when your out having fun, and your making money.

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    Thanks all, for the congrats, and for reminding me that life is to be lived, not sitting here in front of the puter, wondering what I'm not doing right, or why things aren't working the way they "should" (at least in my eyes)!

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    That's exciting, Michelle! :-)

    (And the horses and ranch even more so ;-) )

    Congratulations - good work!

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    What a nice track you're on! Horses and all... That's the nicest feeling to have and goal to shoot for: income doing something you enjoy and living the lifestyle you create with that income! I'm glad we're in this together. Thanks for sharing your success. Congrats.
    best, Mary


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