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Thread: How to get Website Traffic ?

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    Here are a few more:

    #1 – High quality, unique content.
    #2 – Keep adding content.
    #3 – Memorable domain name.
    #4 –Easy to read domain name
    #5 – Keywords in image files.
    #6 – Serious keyword research.
    #7 – Improve page titles.
    #8 – Organic SEO.
    #9 – Submit to directories.
    #10 – Submit to niche directories.
    #11 – Article distribution.
    #12 – Write articles for other sites.
    #13 – Submit articles to newsletters.
    #14 – Keywords in online profiles.
    #15 – One way links.
    #16 – Invite others to publish content.
    #17 – Newsletter publication.
    #18 – Newsletter directories.
    #19 – Write testimonials.
    #20 – Be helpful in forums.
    #21 – Post free ads in forums.
    #22 – Be helpful in discussion lists.
    #23 – Keyword rich press releases.
    #24 – Create a lively blog.
    #25 – Blog RSS feeds.
    #26 – RSS to email.
    #27 – Remove broken links.
    #28 – Podcasting.
    #29 – Use reliable hosting.
    #30 – Tweak internal linking.
    #31 – Chase new fads and hot topics.
    #32 – Chase new affiliate programs.
    #33 – Analyze your logs.
    #34 – Join business associations.
    #35 – Add a forum to your site.
    #36 – Write free reports or white papers.
    #37 – Write brandable reports.
    #38 – Submit to ebook directories.
    #39 – Offer to be a columnist.
    #40 – Offer to moderate part of a forum.
    #41 – Do something funny.
    #42 – Be outrageous or controversial.
    #43 – Tag your blog.
    #44 – Newspaper websites.
    #46 – Upload and tag your photos.
    #47 – Syndicate your material.
    #48 – Position yourself as an expert.
    #49 – Try offline advertising.
    #50 – Place a link in Yahoo! Answers.

    - TechnShare

    The trick is to find out which ones work best for you. Good luck.

    Edit: Btw, Lynn is lovely
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    The ideal answer to this will make an article. I suggest you read as much as you can about creating website traffic. Research the may ways to get traffic like advertising and SEO. Almost all the methods are discussed here so there's not much for me to say. I will say this, social media are good to draw traffic because it is highly effective, it is good if people talk about your site and get traffic for you. So do not ignore it.

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    Best way to get going is to write articles and publish it on word press. The trick is to make sure that it is SEO friendly not too many keywords and not too few either. Make sure you do a thorough Keyword Research first. Just my thoughts

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    Thank you for all your suggestions and I will try to use these. It is always work in progress though
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    I just found out something that is very important and some thing that is overlooked. Make sure that you have your settings right with Wordpress as I found out that on some of my sites that this was not the case. This may well affect traffic to the site

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    Based from what I have read from other forums.

    Create a Team to:
    -Develop your website - cutting edge
    -Facebook & Twitter Manager
    -Forum Poster
    -Blog Commenter
    -Article Writer

    Thats the Basic thing you will need. For starters.
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    Thanks FrenchRose.

    I do have a website actually more then one - and have over 3000 facebook members and over 15000 in my twitter account.

    I also post in Forums and have started doing posts on my blog and have done some articles.

    I hope that this will get me results

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    I have my first niche site going and have been trying to post on twitter and facebook about the topic of the site, but I am not sure what strategy is best. I don't have info products or courses just an affiliate site featuring physical products. I have seen people post direct links to products, anecdotes about the products and personal stories in their social media posts. So what is a good strategy for using a twitter account to drive traffic to a niche site featuring products?

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    Thanks Edward.11. I will try those strategies. I have been looking for forums around my niche topic. Do you mean I should link back to a social bookmark/page of my own after commenting?

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    Article writing is something I'm not really good at myself. I built a couple of adsense based sites, one of which I had to take down because representatives from the company e-mailed me and told me to take down the site and cease any use of the domain because I was violating their trademark policies by having the name "porter cable" in the domain. But for that site along with another site that I still have up for the time being, I had all the articles written for me except for the one on the homepage of the site I currently have up. That one I wrote myself, but it sure wasn't easy writing that article. Took me over two hours to write it.


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