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Thread: How to keep organized?

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    Default How to keep organized?


    What does everyone use to help organize their business(es) such as their articles, account passwords, list of affiliates, list of all their websites or domains, etc.? Do you use software, pen and paper, keep track in your head? If you have any tips or ideas, please share them.


    p.s. I tried to search the forum for organization but did not find anything, so if this has been posted before, sorry I must have used the wrong search keyword.

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    Roboform is a great tool to manage your passwords. I have my affiliate site programs, admin areas of my sites, etc. set up and I can easily find them and automatically login.

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    welcome to my world. I've asked a similar question about affiliate programs and links. Here you go:

    I've not yet found the best solution for myself.

    I can tell you that I use an excel spreadsheet for all of my passwords and log in names, for personal and business. I use one spreadsheet with separate tabs for different types of sites/accounts. I password protect this speadsheet with a totally unique password. That tool has saved a lot of time and jerking around for me.

    I used roboform for some stuff, but since I use different computers and have tons of passwords, it didn't work too well for me. But I suspect it might be a good solution if I worked with it somemore.

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    I am using Google Docs and it is great, in that, you can access it anywhere that has internet access. The only thing is I have to remember to update when I write an article or purchase a domain, etc. I do not like to play catch up and update things later, I get behind when I do that.

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    Thanks for the tips wendywood and jkgourmet.

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    Roboform has a 'to go' version that works on a flash drive.

    I have a spreadsheet, and keep organized that way. Some of the tabs include:

    Domains - with all the log ins and passwords for the main site, with addon domains listed underneath. I also keep blog log ins and passwords there.

    My products - with sales pages, thank you pages, and download page information, price, affiliate link formats.

    Articles, Squidoo lenses, etc. - the title and their URL.

    I really need to do a tab for affiliate programs - right now they are just in a bookmarked section of my browser and in an Outlook category. Of course, the passwords are also in Roboform! But I need a place for the links I use most often - like my Elite formum referral link!

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    I use Roboform 2 Go and am lost without it. It is on my flash drive. I "usually" dont leave home without it!

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    Speaking from experiencing, please be careful when you save your data to a flash drive. Make sure you have another back up on something other than a flash drive. Flash drives can crash as mine did one time.

    Thanks for the tips, I will have to check out Roboform.

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    The link Jeanette shared won't be available to read for non elite members because it's in a private forum but I will share what I posted there.

    Well, to be honest I have been trying to find the perfect system and haven't really gotten anywhere until I heard Kelly's audio on the topic. Very simple! She's a member here by the way

    But I am excited to see what this mind map stuff is all about after hearing about it a few times now.

    Hope this helps!

    P.S. You might find this How to organize your content ideas? post in the Content Writing social group helpful too.

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    Password Admin
    I have used Roboform for at least three years now and absolutely love it! It totally simplifies password administration. I work between four different computers, have a licensed pro version of roboform on each and keep my identities synced between those machines along with carrying my identities on a thumb drive for when I travel. Here is a link if you would like to use it -

    Managing Articles and Websites
    I let the sites I'm a member of keep track of articles ( and websites ( for me. I do keep a chart of websites and their software platform in a spreadsheet as I have several.

    A Word of Caution
    Keep your process as simple as possible because although it's necessary to keep your information organized, it can suck away a lot of your time that is better spent on projects that will make you money. If you can swing it, you could have a virtual assistant handle it for you.



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