Lynn, you really gave me a wake up call during Tuesday's SSWT call when you mentioned that it's much easier to convert sales for affiliate 'physical products' such as Tony Little's Gazelle than it is for information products like an ebook because a lot of the work has already been done through informercials and the public is already aware of the product somewhat.

I know that I thought about promoting the equipment that I use for my home office workouts such as a stability ball, skipping rope, and adjustable dumbbells, but never took action on it.

Immediately after the call I set up an amazon store on my blog that has the equipment that I use.

I then dug a little deeper and found out that one of the equipment manufacturers has an affiliate program that offers a much greater commission than going through amazon. So I'm setting that up now.

I really appreciated that advice Lynn. I'll let you know some results about how it impacts my business and sales. Thanks a million.