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Thread: Find and Replace via FTP

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    Hi...Is your computer a mac?? Cos if it is, then Textwrangler is what you're looking for. It's an all-in-one text editor & ftp. So you can connect to your server, open d file you want & edit it on d server, then update, all in textwrangler. And best of all, it's free. I dunno of a windows alternative to it though...

    Bdw this is ma 1st post...Does it make sense??

    even using that program, you are still not editing the file "on the server".

    It is downloading the file to a temporary spot on your computer, opening it in the built in text editor and then uploading it back to the server.


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    One idea for the future is to use a program like gotrythis to manage all your afiliate links then just to there to do any updates. Or you set up redirects on your own site for all the links then you only need to change the redirect and everything that points to it is changed.

    Sounds like a few good ideas here to find and replace.
    Just to find them, internet explorer has a find on this page feature. > edit > find on this page.
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