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Thread: What (or who) is your IM Inspiration?

  1. Default What (or who) is your IM Inspiration?

    Hi there,

    If you don't already know, I'm fairly new to this forum, but I'm really happy to be here.

    I've been around a lot of forums, and the threads I love the most are the ones about what inspires people to do what they do. Reading those kinds of things always inspire me when I'm either down or just bored of IM.

    Not that I'm down or bored at this moment, but just in case I will be, or anyone else is, I thought it would be cool to read and get to know you all better by finding out why you're here, beyond just internet marketing.

    For me - I'm 26 years old, recently married and have a baby on the way, and everything I do online (I work online full-time) is for my family. I want to create businesses online that are not only profitable so I can support my family monetarily, but also passive so I can be there with my family too.

    If you're willing to share, I'd love to hear why you're here. Cheers!

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    I like to come here and help others and then head over to the Elite forum and get help.
    I also like to go to local Tweetups and meet market mavens in the Silicon Valley, I always get insprired when I go. When I do go to events, I get totally inspired and meet new IRL friends.

    I also get inspired by tweeting valuable information that others Re-Tweet. It is almost like a game to see how to write tweets that get retweeted. My copywriting is getting better. Then I follow up and get in conversations with new and old tweet buddies.

    I have made some really good new friends by being an Elite member so that is probably my favorite place to go to get inspired.
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    My two children are definitely my inspiration & motivation

    They are now 13 & 18 years old, and they were only 5 months & 5 years when I first quit my job to start a business. I've been working from home ever since (almost 13 years now) and absolutely LOVE it. Especially as a single mother for almost a decade of that... it has given me the opportunity to be a full-time parent and also pursue a rewarding and profitable career at the same time.

    I had a very strong motivation to make it work (family to feed, nothing to fall back on - no savings, no credit, no assets). What I have accomplished over the years has been nothing short of amazing (atypical results according to the new FTC guidelines -lol).

    My current inspiration is to continue forward and provide both of my children a rewarding position in my business, and a partnership opportunity. They are already working for me as hourly employees, starting just this year, and I truly love being in total control of our lifestyle and our future options.
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    I am motivated by the thought of being able to work smarter then just harder, understanding the power of leverage using the internet to sell products while I sleep.

    As a small business owner Designing and manufacturing shade sails I am out in the hot Australian sun trading my labor hours for dollars.

    Where as I have a fair amount of control over my time,I want to be able to engage in a new business where I can fund my passion for understanding and supporting depression and mental health, through sport, fitness, diet and lifestyle choices.

    By having a portable IM business I would be available to be a spokesperson anywhere I would see an opportunity to lead or participate in activities to further that end.

    I will be able to contribute to others journey by being available to spend time with them as my success in developing my IM business frees me up from having to "man the tools" to create an income to live on.
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