Hi everybody,

This is such a great place for support and sharing information. I have seen many sites and forums but this one is by far the best! This is my first post so I hope you are patient with me.

I created a blog during this past years thirty day challenge. Using article writing and traffic bug I was able to fortunately get my page to the #1 position in my niche. The problem is my niche is a bunch of looky loo's! I have recieved ample traffic but with moderate clicks on my ad and only one conversion. I determined my chosen niche was a bunch of people looking for free info or for plans but not particularly to buy. The niche is woodworking.

I have tried to sell the site on Flippa to no avail as it is not a money maker at this time in spite of page rank.

What do I do? Just let it go and move on? Should I try PPC? I am at a loss.

Any and all comments or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Take good care, Chris Norman