Hi gang,

Forgive the dumb question but I am new to the whole IM thing. I have gone throught the 30 Day Challenge this year and my only experience with product to sell is via Market Samurai. The options there are: Amazon, Clickbank, Commission Junction and Pay.com. That is the sum and substance of my affiliate understanding.

Are there other reputable affiliate programs? I see many sites with marketers marketing to other marketers but that is beyond the realm of my understanding. I would like to either sell products within my chosen niche or create products within same.(Of course creating products is another area I am clueless in.)

If anyone can clue me in or direct me to where I can learn more it would be greatly appreciated. I have an understanding of how to attract visitors to my site, it is the earning of income part I am not totally understanding.

I apologize if there are more than one question or topics discussed here. I am not asking anyone to do my homework for me, just point me in the right direction! Any and all comments or suggestions are welcome!

Take good care and thanks, Chris Norman