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Thread: New idea to make money for freelance graphic designers

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    Default New idea to make money for freelance graphic designers

    Hey all,

    I thought I would share some thoughts and an idea with those who would be interested. I spent the day looking online for a suitable theme for my mom for a granny blog.

    In the course of my 8 hours of searching, I also looked up to see how many other granny blogs were out there and what they were using. Well, there were a lot of granny blogs and all of the ones I looked at had generic themes that didn't even have anything much to do with the idea the authors were trying to portray.

    Not being able to find a theme, I found myself really wishing I had artistic abilities. I could have created a suitable blog with a nice cartoony- like picture of a loving gramma. I love the themes I found for my moms blogs and wished I could find one along the same idea. But alas, there are non out there to be found for free.

    One site I came across had a nice blogger mom theme that I immediately downloaded for my blog. When I was downloading it, I noticed that the owner of the site had added a little button that quoted "This theme is worth at least $1 don't you think? Help donate to keep this site going so I can continue to make more for you." I did indeed think it was worth $1 and proceeded to Paypal. This amount may not seem like much, but it all adds up, even on a free site.

    I just thought I would post this to see what others think, and maybe it will spark something for those of you who are skilled enough to do this. It does not necessarily even have to be a free wordpress theme(actually alot of the granny bloggers had blogger blogs), there are people who will pay if you are the only place to find what they need. I would have.

    Any other thoughts or ideas?

    Melanie Bremner

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    Always thinking of your mom, what a sweetie


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