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Thread: Daily Do's

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    I love Lynn's list here and absolutely must print it out. A couple other things: for blogs I'd create an account with Blog Catalog and Technorati, and I would start in on Bob the Teacher's free 30 day Auto Responder training. That way once you start driving traffic, you can build the list and start building that relationship. (Man I wish I had done this!)

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    I love Lynn's list here and absolutely must print it out.
    I loved Lynn's list enough that I used it to make a Daily to do list form and every night when I finally finish doing the things that Lynn suggested, I fill out one for the next day...It helps to keep me on task.

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    I just copied and printed out Lynn's list, too. Love it!

    The only other thing I can think of - if you can find a newsworthy angle related to your site/topic, you may want to consider writing and distributing an optimized press release.

    I haven't done much with submitting to directories - and definitely need to add that to my "to-do" list.
    Trish Nichols
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    Shannon - thanks for the pointer/reminder re: Bob's 30-Day autoresponder series. Great advice!
    Trish Nichols
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    Do you have a link for Bob's auto repsonder training? I searched the forum but haven't been able to locate it.

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    I found Bob The Teacher at Tons of great, helpful info.

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    Thank you! I'll be checking it out.

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    when Lynn originally answered by question she listed this as one of the things that we should be doing every day

    Research niche directories & rss/blog directories and submit to 3-5/day
    This morning as I was making my list of things to do using the form I made from Lynn's Daily Do's, I realized that I wasn't quite sure what this was or how I should do this. Anyone care to elaborate so that I can complete this task daily as well.

    Specifically what kinds of directories am i looking for?

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    I'm a little unsure what exactly she meant by "niche directories", but offhand I would guess that to mean whatever relevant directories of any kind exist in a particular niche.

    Some rss/blog directories include Technorati and Google Blog Search.


    P.S. That's so cool you made a form for those suggestions! You should share it here, it'd be well appreciated.

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    When you do a search on Google, search for:

    blog directory
    blog directories
    rss directory
    rss directories
    keyword directory (using YOUR keyword - this is "niche directories")

    So submitting a pet site to a pet directory, or a parrot site to a bird directory, is what I mean by niche directories.

    You can also search for local directories if you incorporate location into your site (using YOUR city, state, country, etc):

    city directory
    county directory
    community directory
    state directory
    region directory
    country directory
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