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Thread: Wordpress Plugins

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    SEO Automatic Smart Links looks like a good solution, however I cnat help thinking this is a sledgehammer to crack a nut - unless you have a really big blog, then it should be possible to create the link structure you need manually. -

    Except where you want to subsequently add links from old pages to a new keyword rich page and don't want to trawl through your blog history. Use sparingly though!

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    Layla, here's a link for a 20% coupon for phpBay Pro:

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    Layla, here's a link for a 20% coupon for phpPro:

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    Quote Originally Posted by msafi View Post
    SEO Smart Links does a few different things, but one of the important functions it has is the following:

    Say you have a blog, and you frequently mention the phrase "dieting pills" in your writing. Now -- what if you could tell WordPress: whenever you see the phrase "dieting pill", I want you to change it into an anchor text (a link) to the following site:
    without me having to do anything.

    Wouldn't it be great to automatically turn phrases or keywords in your posts into affiliate links? That's what Affiliate Ninja does and it's also what SEO Smart Link is capable of doing.

    SEO Smart Links also has other purposes, but you can ignore these.

    I just wanted to say that instead of getting Affiliate Ninja for $90 or $60, you can get SEO Smart Links for $0.
    Cool. VERY cool. Since my current blog uses so many different products and affiliate programs, it may not work there, but on the next one(s). . .

    Thanks much.


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