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    Question Corporate formation for IMers

    Hi SSWTers! Since it seems there is some degree of interest in corporate formation and tax issues for internet marketers does anyone think I should start a blog containing relevant information on this subject? I am an expert corporate consultant and have formed dozens of entities for web based companies when I worked for NCH (the largest incorporator in NV. and NCP (which garners 99% of their business from their website ( I was also a stockbroker/principal for 18 years and did 6-7 dozen IPOs and even 2 Chinese NV. Reg D stock offerings. It would be informational in nature but if you guys think it would be of help I'd be happy to do it. And,of course,I would welcome any tips and/or comments for a newbie blogger like myself.

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    Hi SSWTers, here's my blog where I will be posting the real deal on business formation for IMers and any business owners in general:

    I welcome any comments,questions or suggestions. Spaseba balshoye.

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    I don't know about the US laws, but I incorporated in the UK and we are just coming up to the end of our 4th year.

    I mostly did this to keep the tax side straight, but it does have other benefits, I think, in that it forces a 'proper business' mentality and should make you plan your business growth.

    I think you have a good niche that many internet marketers could take advantage of, but they need to see it as a cost / time saving rather than just another bit of paperwork to get their heads around.
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    Baggs, I agree with you, very good point. Having a mindset that it's a real business is invaluable and should be treated accordingly. I used to form offshore trusts for asset protection for high net worth individuals, many in St. Vincent's in the Caribbean where the penalty for divulging information on depositors by bank employees is 10 years in prison for first offendors (they take privacy very seriously.) However, the last 10 years has produced legislation in Nevada that not only exceeds offshore privacy laws but keeps depositors under the U.S. radar (Swiss banks like UBS have gotten a lot of heat for soliciting U.S. depositors.) I have done NV. corporate formation for U.K. customers because they like that U.S. law provides recourse that British law doesn't. If you get ripped off here in America you can at least sue the perpetrators. I will try my best through my blog to present the strategies as not only cost/time saving but as a painless as possible way to fatten your bank account, save on taxes and actually save paperwork by outsourcing the "scut" work. I have done this for many non-U.S. clients as you do not need to be a U.S. citizen nor a Nevada resident to own a NV. entity. That's how I did the Chinese deals as none of them were U.S. citizens. I will be covering this and much more in my blog. And thank you very much for your comments.

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