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Thread: I need a graphic designed!!!!!

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    Default I need a graphic designed!!!!!

    Hi all:

    I have a clip art graphic that I have been using and absolutely love.
    I want to use it as my logo so I need a graphic artist who can create a design for me that models the clip art graphic.

    The clip art graphic can be seen on my main webpage in the opt-in box.

    The main idea is a graphic that depicts having a lot to do, a lot to manage, juggling many tasks, etc.


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    I just had some graphics completed by Michael Schultz. Quick, very pleasant to work with, lovely work and not expensive. He is one of Lynn's recommended resources. There is also a sticky in the elite forum that has other souces that Lynn uses.

    Michael Schultz

    I'd use him again and recommend him without hesitation (he was especially good at holding my newbie hand.)

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    Yep...Marvelous Mike Schultz all the way!!


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    Thanks guys. I am using Michael for my header but he said he is not skilled in drawing graphics and suggested I pass that task to someone else.

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    another reason to like and appreciate Michael - he's honest! Did you ask him if he can refer you to someone?

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    You could run a competition at

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    There's a lady here in my town who does GREAT WORK very quickly. She's just starting to monetize her business so i'm sure she'll give you a great price.
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