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    Quote Originally Posted by Fran View Post
    I'm not sure I am in the right place but I have a questions about PDF. I know how to print to PDF but I do not understand how to connect this to an HTML so I can link to my AWeber as a follow up message.

    Can anyone help? or Have I not explained it so you understand.


    Don't know anyway to put a link for the whole document so that it will re-direct to a HTML page ... now you can put links in the PDF that people can click, thus directing them to a HTML page .... maybe turn the PDF into a JPG or PNG and you can put a hyperlink to that type of image.

    Am I correct or anybody else with a solutiion?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fran View Post
    Ok! I can create a PDF link but when I go to AWeber and add this to my follow up message how do I add the HTML?


    Your PDF is not an HTML document .... it is similar to a Word Doc etc but in the PDF format

    Now you can make the content of your PDF into a HTML document but this is a separate document altogether,
    then you can link it in your message ... put a "Print" button on the HTML document and it can be printed just like a PDF.

    If you need help doing so please PM me.

    Does that answer your question?
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    Hi Fran - Welcome to the forum

    You want to send this PDF file to your subscribers through an Aweber follow-up message, correct? If so, first you need to upload the PDF file to a web server such as your hosting account.

    Let's say your domain name is and you upload the PDF file to the root directory (in the www or public_html folder). Then you would include this link in your follow-up message:

    (using the correct name and capitalization of your actual PDF file of course)

    If you created a folder (or directory) named "free" on your web server, and uploaded your PDF file there, then your link would look like this instead:

    In both cases, you must include the http://www in front of that link, of course.

    Does that help?
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