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    What do you think is a bench mark for deceptive and low ethics marketing.

    I joined a service that will supply you with relevant articles to post on your site the stipulation being they have a couple of links in them to benefit the author .

    Apart from the fact they were clicking away from my site I did not have a problem with using a few to help with content as I am not using the site for the purpose of income generating,but more so awareness and list building.

    The issue that anoyed me was this blog is dealing with the issue of depression that is a silent problem and killer of more people then is generally realized.

    I allowed the article to be posted then as I do I check the links to see where they go this link went to a page that had depression related articles but at the top right it had one of those peel away ads for what I thought was a totally inappropriate clickbank ad in relationship to the material that led into it

    Do you think it was just a case of misplaced advertising or a calculated marketing maneuver using the article service to place what I would consider a spam ambush as well a blatant disregard for for any sensitivity for the issue it hid behind.

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    The ad is certainly unrelated, and they are unlikely to sell from it, however that is what you agree to when you post the article I suppose. You get the content, they get the link.

    If the content of the article is good and worth keeping, have a disclaimer somewhere saying you can not be responsible for external sites.

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    You can go to and get reprint rights to quality articles, and post them yourself... this gives you a lot more editorial control.
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