I have been away from the forums for a couple of years, due to health issues, but I am back, and I am ready to make a go of my home businesses: catalog marketing, fundraising, and an online "affiliate" mall. I have no choice since I now find myself unemployed.

My goals for 10/14-10/18:

Catalog marketing - Thursday, I will write my business plan for a three month period. Friday, I will order 100 general merchandise catalogs; I will print 100 contact information labels to affix to the catalogs when they arrive; I plan to hold a "neighborhood-get-to-know-me" special, so I will print up 100 coupons with a 10% savings on first orders; and, I will get a post office box account.

Fundraising business - Thursday; I will write my business plan for a three month period. Friday, I will order 50 fundraiser catalogs; I will go through the local phone book and make a list of a minimum of 50 organizations to contact next week; I will develop, and print a letter to send to the contacts, to introduce them to my business, as well as to give them the benefits to them by enlisting my service.

Affiliate mall - Saturday & Sunday, I will work on cleaning out, and organizing my office so I can begin working there Monday, without distraction. Right now, I can barely move my mouse on the desk top due to clutter that has accumulated over time.

I realize it may not sound like a lot, but I am also taking college courses, have two teenage children that are involved in too much, and my health is not 100% yet, so anymore would just be too much at once right now.

Now that I am back, I look forward to learning as much as I can from everyone here, and sharing what knowledge I can.